Crat or Engi for solo play on RK5

Hi all,

I’m keen to try a pet class and was wondering whats the general consensus to solo a pet class character to 220 - either the Engi or the Crat.


Both can solo to 220 fairly easy, crats has the benefit of calms, debuffs and XP buffs and engineer pets has higher damage and the engineer is a bit more robust if you do take damage. Crats are generally wanted for teams all the way because of XP buffs and great crowd control.

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Sounds really good thanks. Is the difference between the pet damage academic or is there a massive gap between Engi and Crat pet damage?

The engineer pets hits quite a bit harder than the crat ones. So there is a noticeable difference.

For solo I would defenetly use Engi.
Stronger pets, and you can easely make money while leveling from making bloodplasma, rings, etc…
Crat are also good, but in solo mode, I think Engi is a better choise

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Thanks for the comments - I’ve got both at the moment, looking to clear subway (from a leveling perspective) and then will decide which one I prefer the most. So far the extra pet I can get via the charm makes it pretty decent. Tonight I play the Engi and see how that works out!