So coming back after 2 years gone Have questions

So for all intents and purposes I’m a noob. Looking to start fresh and come back to the game. I don’t know how the pop is now as opposed to two tears ago but want to roll a class that can solo level very well and doesn’t require outside buffs to be able to do so. Which class would you recommend that solo levels well and wanted in grps later on? And one that won’t be crazy expensive because I’m starting fresh. Thank you.

P.S. what server do you recommend and how is population now?

Pop is a little better compared to 2 years ago. You might actually find teams in some level ranges. Assuming you’re paid since you asked about both servers. I wouldn’t do rk2019 until you want a real challenge. It’s pretty deserted and only a few hardcore players remain.

As far as profession wise, if you really just want to be self buffed and not rely on OSBs, Id do either MA or Keeper. MA being the cheaper choice, but Keeper being the choice for getting groups later on. Both can solo fairly well with their own tool kits.

Buffs aren’t /that/ hard to find on RK5, so my personal choice is engineer. Its a bit trickier, but your bots can basically act as your tank and you have pet heals to heal them up. You can get very far as engineer solo, wanted in groups at 220 and can solo crazy things like Mitaar.

Good luck!


So if I was to go engineer it wouldn’t be that hard or expensive or expensive low to mid levels as far as finding buffs and having enough to upgrade my pets? Oh and you said not to join the 2019 server join the other one correct? Because when I came back to the game two years ago I played on a 2019 server just wanted to clarify.

Not expensive at all, especially on rk5. All your pets, up to ql200, are blitzable. So you can get them for free, essentially. Even your very last 220 pet is buyable for just a few million creds in a Shadowlands shop. Just focus on getting enough ncu to get buffs to cast high pets.

You must have played on the rk2019 server when it was first rolled out. Lots of people at the start, then it dwindled down, and now there’s just a few hardcore players/multiboxes remaining. I wouldn’t start on rk2019 if you’re just coming back.

Ok great so if I make an engineer will I be able to Blitz those myself or do I have to depend on someone else to do them like a fixer?

First bunch can be bought in regular shops. Use those to kill for higher pets. It’s easy. Just get goin’ :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you

Mez is one of the most useful things for leveling. Froob bureaucrat or trader on an account absent of other professions. Once you’ve got a 200 froob bureaucrat forever, you can be dual logging, mezzing everything, leveling, all that needs to get done in Rubi-ka. Some cases, you’d want your mezzer to be not-teamed, so you lower-level grinder can get all the xp. Froob 200 bureaucrat can’t solo or tank mobs such as the escaped prisoners, medusa grandmatriarchs, Fazael in Inner Sanctum and beyond.

Engineer or Fixer

Cannot disagree with engineer. Engineer has the advantage of being relatively simple and easy to raise your power level and solo ability: just focus on advancing your pet ql through rk missions. you should reach the ql 200 slayer as soon as you can roll the mission for it. The ql 200 slayer is really a beast. You will require MP/trader support for casting pets while leveling however pets last 8 hours or until you logout so its not that big of an issue. Engineer also has a really easy time finding teams since their dps at 220 is very high and they provide nice support with attack blockers.

Fixer’s main advantage is being able to cast your own Fgrid and meep nanos which make doing stuff like daily missions or mission blitzing for items 1000% more bearable. Thanks to snares, evades, self-healing, and the safety net of meeps, they don’t require osb to effectively solo at any point while leveling. Fixers get some nice QoL items and nanos like NCU hacker interface and their NCU buff line, as well as having light green treatment and computer literacy IP. Because of all the QoL fixers receive, I’ve always thought of fixers as the main protagonists of Rubi-ka.

Engineer is a one man army late game, and can solo a lot of hard stuff like Mitaar, DB 1, DB 2 etc.

First class to 220, if I had to do it over again (which I sort of am doing) - bureaucrat, no question. Especially if you ever did plan to multi box.

Engineers just have a miserable TL5-6 period, given how many levels they spend watching their slayerdroid get less effective, and Crats have charm to help them past that same period, plus XP buffs to speed it along.

Both have endgame desirability, for different reasons, and engines come with the pocket tradeskiller benefit.

Personally…I am doing my noob return on the bureaucrat path. I have a 105 engine already on my alternate account, and I will likely dual level them together.

There is absolutely no contest between fixer and engineer. Fixer is useful for osbs (including fgrid) and blitzing nanos and that is about it. They are drastically outshined by every other class in pvm and pvp and there just in a really bad spot unfortunately. Engi is one of the best solo profs in game, arguably top pvm dd and an absolute monster in every pvp scenario. I have both and have played each of them extensively and I am always disappointed with how bad fixer is. Engi all the way for me!!

Pop is zero, games been dead for years. Move along.

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PPL have been saying that for 10+ years and STILL coming back and keeps wailing the same old “game is dead” crap. :joy:

Just because there’s some left playing doesn’t mean it isn’t dead lmao, it’s a completely different game now, and the majority (thus the low pop) aren’t interested, want change, know it isn’t coming, so the game is “dead” to them. I agree.


Nice to see you guys staying on track with the post……