Question on MP - returned after 5+ years, wanna start over

Hey all,

I’m so thrilled to be back.
Planning to start over on the live server (not 2019 yet, will have to have released SL first).

I’m interested in several classes, but mostly in MP.
What I wanna know is, are we - since i’m unaware of all changes - solid for solo play? Any tough times to consider later on?

And breed wise, NM or Soli - any major challenges I will face?

Let me know!

PS I read the little MP guide, but cant accurately derive how breed selection will complicate my life later on, nor does it tell me a great deal on how adequately we can solo from 1-220. it wont be 100% solo ofc, but you get my point.

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Welcome back!

Seems to me that the general consensus is the MP is one of the strongest solo profs early to middle game and then all its good for is 8 hour Mochams. My highest is 168 but don’t really play him and I’m not an expert by any means. is back and a place I find very useful for info for both my paid & froob characters: