Fixer or MP main

Hey guys. Just got back to the game after yet another break.

Im currently debating with myself on what 2 play. I got all proffs more or less above 150 all decked out but I thought its time to hit 220 again for some endgame content.

Like the title im chosing between these two classes.

But my big question is how do they fair in pvp? Mainly duels/bs. Is fixer still just a running gimp? Or can we manage to alpha someone? From what ive seen MP is in a decent spot for once!

Also for soloing a meta is obv more viable which could be a factor aswell. But I like the “untouchable” feel of a fixer altho a meta with 2x zset is untouchable aswell.

Please share your thoughts.

Best regards, Floppan

I don’t do PVP so can’t speak to that but the ease of travel via F-grid makes the choice easy for me.


I do like MP, but it is alot of work!! My fixer is around 140 and not so much to do as MP. I have some MP videos on Youtube if interested.

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Ive seen all your vids. Your a huge inspo as to why im interested in the first place :slight_smile:

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Also, im reading ur endgame guide quiet franatically. Love the work youve put into it

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Go MP, fixer needs update!

Sort of depends on what you want to do but like above thread fixer is bottom of the barrel when it comes to PvP and PvM. MP is very strong in PvP and PvM just a pet profession with lots of buffing/swaps and pet management which not many people gravitate towards. If you just want to have some fun then pick whatever but if your into any type of min/maxing then MP is the clear choice.