Returning Player - What profession? Possible stream


Hey everyone! I have a few 220’s (Sold, doc, crat) and was planning on coming back to AO for a little while as kind of a last hoorah! I was thinking about rolling a new toon that would be fun, entertaining, and able to solo content. I have a few bil creds laying around so I can fund the toon no problem.

I also want to stream this on twitch for my friends and hopefully get some people to play with me as well. Though I am fine with my org and running solo. But what profession would be the most entertaining to watch as well?

I want to level the toon slowly and experience each section of the game. I will be stopping to twink for all level locked pf’s (Subway, Totw, etc etc).

So what profession do you think would be best? Excluding the ones I already have.



Fixer is my favorite, although Nano Agent can be interesting with false profession MP, Trader and NT at your disposal. For soloing content, Shade is the best and fastest at higher levels.


I was thinking fixer possibly, Opifex?

I also was contemplating shade, how is shade at lower levels for soloing? I would think not that great since its hard to twink anything on with the way spirits work.


Opi Shade is easy. And spirits just make it easier. After all no need for treatment ip spend and so many items and buffs to get them in, without a treatment clinic; and symbs that buff other stats like stam/strength.