Returning player after many years

I played AO a lot 2002 - 2008, mostly on my 220 doc Cinderella on Rimor in Alpha Omega and was thinking of returning to level up a new character, mostly for nostalgia reasons.

The professions I haven’t played yet are MA, NT, Agent, Fixer, Keeper, Trader and Bureaucrat. Which one would have the easiest time solo leveling up, killing bosses in Subway, Totw and so on, all the way to inferno?

Looking forward to a walk down memory lane.

Welcome back!

Keeper would be a solid choice for soloing, all the way from 1 to 220 :blush:

MA is really easy to level up and are good solo. They also dosent cost much the first 200 levels or so, you can easely go up on a low budget. (Beware that it gets really expencive at endgame if you want a well equiped MA)

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Yes, I was thinking of a Keeper or MA.

Been looking around a bit and it seems Nanomage Keeper is a thing now?
Gonna have to try that I think :slight_smile:

Bureaucrat is a strong soloist and awesome support class. Charms, calms, xp buff, Xp perks, addalldef/off speeches and of course a robotic pet.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nanomage keeper; solitus and atrox are the prefered breeds. Don’t let that discourage you to try things though :wink:

I was checking youtube. A nanomage keeper soloing db1, db2, vortexx, mitaar etc :slight_smile:
Seems he’s nanomage to be able to recast block auras and stuff.

fixer is the best for rk in my opinion. Instant Grid from anywhere, as well as access to the Fixer grid are the best things in the world. They are also very good at soloing and have interesting builds which revolve around evades, healing over time, crits, and add dmg., a good mix of offense and defense.