Good solo + party profession nowadays?


Hey guys,

I’ve been absent from Anarchy Online for roughly 4-5 years and would like to return. I’ve already read that it’s not as easy to find teams nowadays so I’d like to start a new toon which can be viable in groups and solo.
My existing character is a level 216 doc which can solo decently but I still remember that Docs aren’t the most loved team mates for inf missions.

I thought about Martial Artist or Shade, it doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter character but should still be decent for times when I can’t find a team.
Any suggestions?


Can’t go wrong with a Crat. Unless you forgot to file your taxes.


If I had to chose between MA or shade, I’d go with shade. I’ve had a lot more fun with my shade than with my MA. Possibly because the MA was my second ever toon and the shade wasn’t rolled until years later with lots more creds to waste on phats and sillies.

Crat is my fav toon though. Pets + fancy nanos + The Dog of War = what could possibly go wrong?


Thanks guys, so I’m going to roll a Crat and hopefully bring my Doc to 220, too.


fixer is the best profession imo, you can solo anything you need to with roots and snares, you are a god on RK (instant grid and fgrid is always ready), and teams love you for your speed boosts and HoTs.


After logging in I can say that I still have my 217 doc (I thought it was 216) and a char I totally had forgotten about: my first char was a fixer, he’s level 216.
I also have level 180 MP on my account which I totally had forgotten, too.

I started a Crat now, will see how it goes.

Oh and I did some inf missions on my Doc and I can say that I was surprised when people where asking about “red med” because I only knew the old inf missions. But once again the AO community was willing to give me a short introduction and the rest could be found in the old forums.