Rk2019 New character question

I have seen that they have launched SL and was thinking of starting fresh.

I have just a few questions regarding new server. Is it that hard to farm stuff because of Multi boxers still?
Are there teams to lvl with? old fashion … I miss ely beach for heckler farming :smiley: and grinding :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I’m having a hard time deciding what to play.
Crat for soloing? Mezz and pets…
Enfo for team pvm ? Though I think it will suck early when lvling
Or soldier for damage and tms? (think they could solo with tms no? )
Ma seems nice also because of self heals and decent damage.

What would you suggest as profession? Pros and cons?

Thank you.

Enfo surely wont suck at early, they are op now if you just know what to do. Ofc it’s easyer to solo with crat/mp/engi cause pet takes all damage.

Dunno about teams, will check tonight how it is. I think they launched sl too late. Well, time to roll my keep to rk2019 anyhow :slight_smile:


Still cant decide on enfo or crat…thinking crat is better to farm symbs and lvl in sl. But enfo is better team play…

We will see


Do both :grin: Was busy at weekend, so didn’t roll my keep yet. Maybe i get time this weekend, who knows :slight_smile:

I did…
Made crat main…farms blood plasma to make credits :blush:
Enfo coming from behind…seen a lack of tanks for lvling at heks :slight_smile:

Plus latter if friends start playing crat can do well in raids and enfo can OST for them way way latter