Mp or Crat for 220? solo/team play (mainly solo)

Hello everyone, I’d like to see a few pro/cons on which to level to 220 for end game content, mainly soloing but some team stuff too.

Some info:

  • I want to play as Atrox
  • I’ve played every class and these two are really the only ones that appeal to me
  • I’m going to MB with some froob accounts for the first 100 or so levels because I need buffs toons
  • Paid/rk1
  • 1.8billion credits to spend on lowbie levels
  • I won’t be using a bow if I play MP but I’m not sure if there’s dps options with 1hb/2hb.
  • Carlo/robot put me off crat whereas MP pets look amazing
  • Calms and charms are amazing

I prefer MP slightly more but I can’t find a single video of them soloing anything at all, crat on the other hand has plenty of videos.

tl;dr I want to solo some stuff, nothing as hardcore as beast or whatever just stuff to farm and have fun with and I will occasionally team up (for like apf)

Thanks for any replies, I appreciate it!

Trox crat is very powerful as a solo toon.
Mp was artificially powerful for a while on 2019 because everyone else was fr00b locked while effectively MP wasn’t because they had scalable pet nano’s etc.

Crat 1-220

Mp 1-220

After playing both, MP is at best a support class with limited solo ability. Effectively a buff-monkey for your and everyone else’s toons by endgame

Crat is far stronger at dps and defence; more desirable for raids/teams and end-game

Play how you want to play though

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There is some tips for endgame MP

  • Everqu
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Thank you Caloss2, Crat it is and your videos are great! I just followed the one to stop new engine black screens :slight_smile:

Thanks Everqu, I’m going crat but I will checkout your setup, appreciate the reply.