[MP] PVM endgame videos


I will be adding here couple videos of soloing and team playing.

#1 The Inner Sanctum (Solo)

#2 Mitaar (Solo)

#3 Vortex start (Solo)

#4 DB2 (Solo)

#5 DB3 “fire room” floor 2 (Solo)

Coming soon

#6 LOTV (Solo)

#7 Ipande + beast (Team)

Coming soon

#8 POH (Team)

Coming soon

#9 12man (Team)

#10 Gauntlet (Team)

Coming soon

#11 DIO (Team)

My setup is here:

My PVP videos here:

Everqu 220/30/80 MP

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hihi great Videos =)
Is it possible to make Dust Brigade / Peacekeeper Constad Quest on 220 Solo in 2019 or what is the problem Quest Part ?

best regards

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Bumping the thread cause there where Vids added lately.

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Hmm for some reason i can’t edit some of my posts?? :slight_smile: