MP solo endgame?


Cant find any info about 220 MP.
Can MP solo mitaar or lotv or other things?
I just made test with 223 Rihwen full buffs,only Rihwen, and chinken doggy full buffs.
Result was win for Rihwen with 20% hp left.

And,what setups for PvM,
Team and solo.


It is possible to solo LotV as well as some difficult encounters but it isn’t easy.

You can either let Rhiwen tank, but put him on follow for him to heal up. Or you can double shield full defense+evades build and tank yourself. Get ready for a lengthy fight either way.

Edit: Sacrificial Bond stacks with reflects, don’t forget your reflect graft!

Thank you for reply

I’m not 100% sure on MPs solo ability but they can pump out some monster dpm in the right setup with the 225 pet. I use a full crit setup with chaos of the xan bow and can do 300k-400k depending if I’m in SL or RK. Can get roughly 60% crit with ma/agent osb.

Good to ķnow.