[ENFORCER] 220 PVP - Current State Opinions?

Curious what the up to date thoughts are on end game (220ish) pvp for Enforcers. Love it, hate it, wish you rolled something else? Obviously I know PVP is very situational but just looking for the broad strokes around Towers/BS/Duelish type situations. Would mainly like to hear from the Enfs themselves but if you have constructive feedback around your experience dealing with Enforcers from your profession X by all means. I have seen some 220’s with a lot of kills to their name so I am currently assuming they can at least hold their own with the right driver. Don’t care much about cost, assume the best most costly setups.

You are into end game PVP and your younger self is about to roll Enforcer. If you can go back in time, what do you tell yourself?

I don’t have a pvp enforcer myself only for pvm but since I only ever see 1 person playing enforcer in PvP these days I’m pretty sure every other class besides fixer brings something more useful to team/mass pvp situations. However they can be helpful an annoying with stuns/charge and -init debuffs. I think Darsana (clan) and Ihavenoalpha (Omni) only ones semi active at the moment. Most others just do duels. Not sure how helpful this was but if you really enjoy the class and have good game knowledge and mechanics it can 100% work.

Interesting, thanks.