[Enforcer] Weapon skill choice

Hi all, I’m having trouble deciding which weapon skill I want my Enforcer to use. I’ve started with 2hb but since it’s a blue skill and the others are green I’m questioning my decision. I’m pretty new so I’m not looking to do anything crazy, just level and get through the game right now. Since I’m still a low level it may be easier to switch over sooner rather than later. Thanks for the help.

Have a look at what you can reasonably get your hands on as you get higher.

Personally, I levelled my Enfo 1he using 160 chef cleavers from 60, had enough ip spare to switch to 1hb for the special edition weapons and then switched to 2hb once I had the bhan’zor hammer.

It really comes down to a couple of choices you will want to make. Effectively, you can tank with any of the choices available. Once you get your DB nanos and can cast them any taunt you do weapon/damage wise only becomes gravy.

But, if you are using taunt procs, then hands down the best for tanking is 1hb, or should you choose to stack health regen/regain you may wish to look into 1hb/piercing for the mediblade and its upgraded version.

I swapped around a lot while levelling, and found that I liked all the lines for different reasons. 1he and 1hb have a lot of solid options while levelling and many of them are not hard to get on if you know what you are doing.

If you are going for end game PVP, then anything with a high AR and a sneak attack is going to benefit you greatly. I have in the past avoided weapons that have an AOE dmg because there is a perk in both 1hb and 2hb that do cause AOE damage. You can elect not to use those in PVP though.