Weapon dps as in item sheet

I wonder how this is calculated. For instance pvp T3 2HB has both higher min and max damage as PVE 3.5 2HB and still weapon dps in item description is same. The only explaination that comes to my mind is weapon speed is different. But can two 2HB weps have different speed?! I thought its a weapon class property? Also how is relation 2HB and 2HE? Can someone put some light into this? Thx!

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The attack speed is tied to your combo finishers. It doesn’t matter what weapon you wield. I think that’s just a typo. For instance, PvP T3 greatsword has the same dps too, with some higher max dmg but way lower minimum, so in theory the dps should be lower there as well.

Thx. For the reason you describe I would think 2HB is better choice than 2HE on classes that can choose? So damage range is more reliable figure than wep dps?

Edit: Does anybody from FC know which are the correct values then?

Yes. That’s why most conqs and barbs use 2hb in PvP.

Blunts are better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: