Returning 'old' player

Hey guys,

Been playing since 2005 mostly on than off (been off the past few years…)
Was wondering what are the options of a returning player at this point?

I’m interested in returning for some time at least, and looking an Org that is open to take in veterans (I was endgame on most toons before I ‘quit’ couple of years back).

Is there any possibility to level up normally? Are there any people questing/farming hecklers etc (or is there a new way)?
Are there any big raids done still? Last time i checked in Beast could be done with 2-4 players.

Also, have there been any serious changes for the professions lately? What is a good soloing prof these days?

And lastly, Who owns Tara? :)))))))


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There are lots of players returning to the game atm. Old orgs are crawling out of hibernation and ppl that had rollerats at home now got hecklers and with that some more spare time for games and fun.

There are a few big orgs and I recommend u get in contact with some of them and see what fits ur personality and playtime.

I think more and more ppl start enjoying old school lvling again. I see ppl hanging at south beach and tiigs all the time. Should be decent chance to get something going there. Dont sit on the fence. Ask in darknet and inv ppl from lft.
There are raids several times a day. U got Raidforall, gridcom, hodorraid, org raids, friend raids, pug raids, omni raids, clan raids and so on. Pick and choose ur poison.

If u want to start a new toon u should play what ever u find fun and interesting. Tho!.. Core profs like doc, enf, crat, keeper, engi, sold are always needed and usually easier to get teams with. Good solo prof imo is crat and shade, but any class can solo just fine. Just take ur time to learn ur class well.

Welcome back and hope to see u around. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info! I did roll a new crat, as it fits my playstyle and I did find a very nice and active org! AO is still aliveeee :slight_smile:


There’s still some of us around. I’m Mostly on some fr00b alt in the starter area helping ppl, but also keep the RKRole bot chugging along.


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Hi Khrys, its been like 10 years or something? )