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Hello everyone,

I’m considering re-activating my account after being dormant for several years. i stopped playing after alien invasion, and have no idea how to play AO anymore.

Honest question - is it viable to re-join the game after all these years, and have people around to help and support me, or is the player base decrepit to the point of no return?

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Hey man, welcome back! As a fellow returning player, having played this last week or so. I can’t really recommend coming back as a Paid. If you are looking for some Nostalgia just make a new Froob. The game has… changed… Not too much content wise, but the community has. Games full of Multi Boxers, scripters, cheaters. And sadly those are the people that kind of keep the game running it seems like, running 5+ paid accounts multiboxing raids on their own, selling loot rights and all kinds of other scummy shit. There are real normal players out here still but it seems to get harder and harder to get real teams going. Also with the shutdown of the ARK Program there are no more dynamic events in the game, like an Alien Invasion of Borealis and such.

I have certainly had my fun playing again and I will do so for the next month (since i’ve paid of course). But I just want to warn you that, you might not find what you are looking for in the game when you come back. It’s up to you however, I only subbed my account so I can access my money. Which I thought was A LOT (200 mil) but the market is so inflated now that 200 mil is basically 200k creds (in 2008).

With regards Tredox.

Was considering re-activating the main act (after more than a decade), but that requires at least 15eur ofcourse. and I read here, (and elsewhere) that many don’t consider it worth it for the nostalgia-tug.

Be that as it may, does anyone know if your characters actually still excist? The reason why I am asking is that I logged on to the accout that I think contains my main, but under the ‘list characters’-button it states “There are no characters currently on this account.”. Sooo…

Try looking on People of Rubi-Ka Anarchy Online | Funcom ( If you’re able to pull up your character and the stats are right… :wink:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m considering to have another peek after 9 years…

When I left I spent a lot of my playing time running around looking for buffs for twinking items. I remember the frustration of getting the last required buff right when the first one expired…
Is that still an issue or is there an npc or whatever to get general buffs from? I didn’t read anything in the patch notes, but hope never dies…

I imagine soloing empty landscapes, fixed raid times and mission/quest appointments are ok for me, I even found some new content on the patch notes (Subway, Pyramid of Home, parry rework, AI research line, new veteran system… missing anything?).

Also, if anyone is still around remembering me, maybe even from back on RK3, please give a yell :slight_smile:

Maybe see you ingame,
Polarbaer / Darion / Earnshaw / Allgood

Hi Polarbaer, I indeed remember you. Welcome back!
So while the playerbase has declined or is botting everywhere, one thing that came out of this is that buffs are much easier to get. Some players have set up buff bots. You simply tell them what you want and get the buffs. Granted, these are mostly froobs, so SL buffs are a bit harder to find, but given you are an enfo you at least have ibehe covered :wink:

Also, depending on when you left, there was a big rebalancing at one point. One of the changes was that buffs almost all last 4h now, so they running out is much less of an issue.

So at lot of fun can still be had, there are raids and all.

Keex / Schnaps / Admin and so on

Woah thanks Keex for the warm welcome! Nice to see an ‘old’ face! :smiley:

Yeah, a second sweep of the patch notes revealed a lot more changes, like 4h nanos, TT nano cans and such. That might even make twinking fun again :wink:
Also yes, the rebalancing 18.7.x patches took place shortly after I left, so I guess there’s some different gameplay to experience. Like no more rs penalty on enf hp buffs :open_mouth: Also, If I got it right, no more crat stun procs…? Well they were quite OP anyways… that was, until I started playing crat myself, then they of course became very reasonable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

RL’s much tighter now than back in the days, so it will be some time, but I guess in the coming days I’ll check my old hardware against the ‘new’ ao engine :smirk:

Can’t hurt to check in I think :slight_smile:
And yeah…good old stun procs…RIP

One thing to keep in mind is the total lack of support. We have about one part time GM who is doing his best but obviously can hardly keep up. And account support is pretty much a non-starter.
It works ok most of the time, but it still must be said. It’s very much running on life support from funcoms side.
It might be a good idea to switch payment to PayPal, as for me at some point the other methods stopped working.

You may also want to join the AO discord, which is quite active.

As a player who enjoyed this game 20 years ago and really loves the nostalgic feel. I would definitely recommend paying the $15whatevertokens it costs to run around the cities and go visit SL. – I do it every couple of years; the month long ability to sit around and chat while doing random things and giving out buffs… is a pretty great way to spend extra time in your month. — If you’re actually wanting to grind through the game and play it hardcore… instead of just visiting for nostalgia… I’d only do that as a froob multi-boxer – and then pay later if you actually enjoy multi-boxing. Or as an engineer with /pet commands while you work on something else.

Also, playing through the subway and coaching new players is always a good time.

All in all, the social aspects of the game, and enjoying your paid characters, is definitely worth it in my opinion; if its just for nostalgia’s sake.

Hope that was helpful, enjoy! <3

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As a long ter player (23 years) this was first winter I didnt activaded my 3 acc’s. Reason is, there is too much MB. I don’t mind it in private instances, but running with my twinks in public dungeons just to meet MBer that is spoiling fun for everyone is not I am keen to see nor I want to experience.

Other note, there are tons of exploiters that killed PVP on low and mid range, and getting fair duel (if any) is like seeing unicorn

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if you care for a dead game. ok. if not… oh well