Returning player

Hello everyone,

I’m considering re-activating my account after being dormant for several years. i stopped playing after alien invasion, and have no idea how to play AO anymore.

Honest question - is it viable to re-join the game after all these years, and have people around to help and support me, or is the player base decrepit to the point of no return?

Lupeh - 220 Keeper - Synergy Factor

Hey man, welcome back! As a fellow returning player, having played this last week or so. I can’t really recommend coming back as a Paid. If you are looking for some Nostalgia just make a new Froob. The game has… changed… Not too much content wise, but the community has. Games full of Multi Boxers, scripters, cheaters. And sadly those are the people that kind of keep the game running it seems like, running 5+ paid accounts multiboxing raids on their own, selling loot rights and all kinds of other scummy shit. There are real normal players out here still but it seems to get harder and harder to get real teams going. Also with the shutdown of the ARK Program there are no more dynamic events in the game, like an Alien Invasion of Borealis and such.

I have certainly had my fun playing again and I will do so for the next month (since i’ve paid of course). But I just want to warn you that, you might not find what you are looking for in the game when you come back. It’s up to you however, I only subbed my account so I can access my money. Which I thought was A LOT (200 mil) but the market is so inflated now that 200 mil is basically 200k creds (in 2008).

With regards Tredox.

Was considering re-activating the main act (after more than a decade), but that requires at least 15eur ofcourse. and I read here, (and elsewhere) that many don’t consider it worth it for the nostalgia-tug.

Be that as it may, does anyone know if your characters actually still excist? The reason why I am asking is that I logged on to the accout that I think contains my main, but under the ‘list characters’-button it states “There are no characters currently on this account.”. Sooo…

Try looking on People of Rubi-Ka Anarchy Online | Funcom ( If you’re able to pull up your character and the stats are right… :wink: