Easiest high level pets?

Which pet profession do you all think is the easiest to obtain their high level pets?

Personally, I think it’s the MP’s. They can self buff much easier than any other profession.

Do you mean obtain the nano crystals or do you mean cast self buffed?

Easier to cast: Crat (Pinetti requires only Time&Space from 1400 and
Matter Crea from 1400)

Easier to get: Engie (just buy them at the garden)

Most difficult to cast: 225 Rihwen ( Matter Crea from 3045 and
Time&Space from 3040)

Hope it helped.

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Widowmaker is from garden but the best engie dog pet is from a quest hey?

2nd best dog pet is buyable though.

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No prof is easy to get to endgame with in that regard.
Or they are all easy.
If you are worried about obtaining the nano, dont.
Just farm some biodome keys, and pop it.