New player feeling helpless as MP

Just downloaded the game yesterday…always love pet classes and after reading I picked MP.

Got up to level 7…

As I was reading…I kept coming along “weapon doesn’t matter at low level”. The thing is that my pet can’t even kill a green mob now on a level 7mission. I do probably 5-10times the damage my pet does.

I have another pet that don’t do any damage at all…i guess it’s my “Mez pet”? But it doesn’t do much most of the time. Occasionally it will cc the add. I died quite a few times doing missions.

I read about what to roll for mission to make money but I never came across them…I read about needing to install more memory but they are too costly to buy when I can’t even buy nanos I need.

What am I doing wrong? Cuz the guides don’t seem to reflect my reality.

Just a guess, if you’re using this to summon your pet (or a similar scaling nano), you will need to raise your Matter Creation and Time&Space skills so that the attack pet becomes a higher level one.

Edit : buffing those skills is equally useful/important.

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What level is your pet? I suspect that’s the problem.

At level 7, you are probably using an Anger Manifestation. The pet this summons depends on your nanoskills; specifically your MatCrea and Time&Space skills.

This means that to get a higher level pet, you should focus on increasing your MatCrea and Time&Space skills. There are many ways to do this, but the most impactful ones for your level will be:

  • Max the skills with IP each level
  • Buff it with the general nano skills buff: Composite Nano Expertise. If you can’t cast it yet, you can ask someone else to cast it on you. It lasts 4 hours.
  • Buff it with your MP-specific nanoskills buffs: Teachings of Material Creation and Teachings of Time and Space. You may need another 10-15 levels or so for these.
  • Implants. Visit a general store and enter the room with the Implants sign over the door. There’s a terminal for every professions.

An important thing to know is that your pet’s level is determined upon casting. So if you casted your pet with very low skills (e.g. at level 1) and then gained a few levels, your pet will still be low. You can kill your current pet by typing in chat: /pet terminate
If you then recast your pet with higher skills, it will be a higher level.
Eventually your Anger Manifestation will not cast a higher level pet anymore no matter how much you increase your skills. At that points it’s time to upgrade to a new pet nano. For an overview see here.

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It is also worth mentioning that you will notice a big increase in pet damage once you can cast the first Chant (Chant of Frenzied Blows, requires 175 SI and 218 MC). This nano increases your pets attack speed and ability to hold aggro from enemies it damages :slight_smile:

As for NCU memory, there is a NPC standing behind the ICC Shopping terminals (Shopping District?). Talk to her and complete her quest and you get 3x NCU memories for free :smiley:

Welcome to AO.

One thing you might do is use the “Suggested IP” button but don’t hit Save. If you close the ip window it just makes the unspent IP available again. This way you can safely see what AO thinks is a proper way to spend IP. It is NOT perfect. It’ll put points into melee or ranged when you want the other but it isn’t horrible.

H’mm, I do have an MP waiting in the wings…

Thank you all for your reply.
However, most of the above suggestion wasn’t useful. I did not have credits to buy better gears, and i could not summon better pets. I cannot do missions my level to earn more credits. This is the reason none of the guides helped – I wasn’t able to do what the guides say (get better stats, get a better pet. Of course I want a better pet. I knew I wouldn’t have struggled as much if I did)

I would love to boost my MatCrea and Time&Space of course, but I had no way to at all. I can’t use expertise yet because of its high requirement, and i couldn’t find anyone to give me the buff.

I found a subway group that carried me for a couple of levels…and after two days i finally found someone who would buff me and got better pets. Along with my new implants, I can finally do MUCH better.

Without the xp carry in subway earlier, I wouldn’t be able to do anything except running missions much, much lower level than me.

If you’re lacking credits, just go blitz a couple of missions and you’ll have enough to buy all the nanos and implants you need.

Bro. If you got problems then I will be more then happy to help you. Contact me in game on one of these : Boogiecrat, Discoshrimp and Crabbycrab. Just type “/tell name”. I will guide you and stay with you through the essentials :slight_smile:

I rise my hand as helper also :slight_smile: just pm mohikaani/idontrp/poro/eveli/nanoaon or pm me here and lets find out good time to play together.

I hope you didn’t quit alrdy cause of the hardness at start bro :slight_smile: