Am I doing something wrong as an MP?


I’ve “twinked” myself at lvl 54(now) and have gone into SL and started hunting lvl 70-90 mobs. The pet does amazing with my heal pet stuck to him; however I didn’t raise my weapon stats much and I’m pretty squishy. I am just under using the new battlerod thing that someone helped me obtain and have been wearing my bright blue sparkly nano robe alongside my set of +xp stuff from the steam store. It’s going well. I’m seeing a drastic improvement in kill speed over hecklers and the xp is equal if not higher.

The one thing I notice most often is with the way Aggro is so very very random in this game; I find it almost impossible to stay alive consistently. I had this problem all through leveling for the most part as well, however mobs didn’t really hit quite that hard and with my heal pet stuck to me instead, it didn’t matter. I was face-tanking the hits. I figured it was because I was so close and inside of TOTW. I went to Hecklers and that’s when it became EXTREMELY apparent that solo’ing with pets was going to be extraordinarily difficult because they would literally swap targets every 2-5 seconds.

The mobs aggro me? Oh… well now if I don’t run, I die. If I run, I run into more mobs that are aggressive in proximity and I die… If I use the aggro tool to pull one at a time, I usually manage to do okay but they still consistently have aggro issues.

Is there something I’m missing playing an MP? I see so many people play them(Granted nobody really groups much so I don’t see it in action often)… But I feel like I’m very obviously missing something. I have the 4 major damage buffs for my pet including the one that says “Pet Taunt” on it(The melee init buff)… The pet does well; he’s lvl 76 and with healpet on him it’s in his favor… but without healpet it’s a battle of the gods in front of my eyes…

Until the enemy god decides to randomly look my direction… And that’s when the circus music plays as I run around.


Well yeah, that’s basically how pets work at this level. You can’t really expect to solo SL mobs much higher level than you as an MP with average gear.


Find something to hide behind, this helps a lot in aggro management, if you stand behind a wall, tree or similar :slight_smile:

Once you know the ropes a bit better you’ll be able to use a good weapon and your pets at the same time, while having enough health to not feel like you’ll die before the fight ends :slight_smile:

You should also be on the RK2019 server instead, a lot more people there, no SL yet though :blush:


I’d say your pet is way to low for your level.
To get the highest possible pet is important as an MP.
Let another (high level) mp buff you mc/ts and if u got enough NCU’s bm Mochams.
Then calculate your current mc/ts/bm +20% (OE).
The numbers u have then tells u which pets u can control with just the mochams.
Now get a trader to wrangle you with upto 131 nanoskills.
Cast the highest possible pets now.
The wrangle will run out after some minutes but if u stay into the OE range they are still working for you.
If the mochams run out you can’t control the pets anymore.
Get new Mochams and they are ok again.
That way ur attackpets holds the aggro better and i think u should be able to have a higher level healpet too.