[MP] Healpet Numbers as of 2019


So i wondered how good the ‘new and improved’ healpet actually was.The only real numbers i found were kind of outdated so i did my own little number crunching.

Here the result for all of you:
I am not allowed to create a link here acording to forum rules...

Average delay between heals (static, no movement)

Average health recovered (without staff buff)

Average health recovered (with staff buff, supposed to be 12%)
Increase by 7.8%
That is 451 hp/s

Data-Set is limited by maximum lines a single window in the client is able to hold. I did not record multiple sets and add it up as the +/- 50 health i dont care about, just the big picture was my aim.

I hope this sheds light into a question that many MPs ask themselfes.
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That % isn’t because you don’t have cap skill?


I’m sorry. I don’t get your question.
The buff to healpet provided by wielding the special staffs (Julian Red.) is supposed to increase healing by 12%. In my set it was only 8%. Probably the set of random numbers was not big enough to diverge to that percentage.
What do you refer to with ‘cap skill’?


I’m guessing the pet already has a hidden heal efficiency modifier, which would explain the lower than expected healing increase. (i.e if the pet already has 30% extra heal efficiency, bumping that up to 42% would be a lower relative increase than if it had 0%)

I seem to remember the mp pets got better heals with 18.7 but the heal amount of the actual pet nano didn’t change so that’s probably how they did it.


there is no something like skill cap on heal pet. heal efficiency of pet affect shooting spirit perk line.


Skill to use staff?
1000 to equip but 1500 for cap on that weapon,max benefit from that weapon.
It’s a thought

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