Mk IV weapon "of Restoration" bugged to cap at Mk III level

So, its been a long time coming, but I finally updated my tanking hammer. Frostbound Hammer of Restoration. Prior to patch it was an awesome tanking hammer, but was nerfed hard in the balance patch and now has a cap heal of 3% or 450, whichever is less.

I still like the barrier on it, so decided since I mostly tank, to upgrade this weapon to Mk IV, which increases the cap to 600.

The problem is that I have endless “Your weapon heals you for 450” instead of 600. I know it isn’t much, but, well its 33% more. I finally tested it today and not a single regular heal above 450.

Obviously, this is a bug. Since I am possibly the first person to have a Mk IV weapon “of Restoration”, it’s understandable.

Hopefully, the devs can look into this, as its likely a simple bug to fix.

Thank you!

TSW Lifetimer


The question then becomes; which of these alternatives is it? :wink:

  • Your weapon heal you for 450, which is how it should be (wrong tooltip on weapon)
  • Your weapon heal you for 450, when it should be 600 (weapon bug)
  • Your weapon heal you for 600, but the log states 450 (interface bug)

Has anyone else confirmed this? I was going to upgrade a restoration weapon. If it really is bugged I may just cash in the frags.

I would post a SS but it still considers me a new user, even though I have Lifetime membership from TSW.

In game character is " Vulfr " if you want to parse in a group or something.

It would have to be 2. or 3.
The resto weapons go 150, 300, 450, 600.
The tool tip for percent of health goes up as well. (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0%)

It is still healing me, I can see my bar go up without any external heals. It feels like its not going up any faster than before, but 450 vs 600 would be hard to feel at 55k health

It seems to me the most simple bug would be that the tooltip was updated, but the internal value was not.

You can use an addon, HPP, to better show health bars.

I would suggest using your Anima Allocator to set it to full dps, which will bring your health to somewhere along 7k if you have finished all the capstones. This will make it much easier to see how much you actually get on your health bar from the heals.

My main belief is the same as yours, that the weapon heal is bugged, but it’s always best to test as much as possible before hawking on the developers for change.

Or you could just check the green healing numbers popping on your character. There might be an option to enable the display of these, not sure it’s baseline.

I forgot about those, and no, I don’t think they are on as default.