Mk IV weapon "of Restoration" bugged to cap at Mk III level

So, its been a long time coming, but I finally updated my tanking hammer. Frostbound Hammer of Restoration. Prior to patch it was an awesome tanking hammer, but was nerfed hard in the balance patch and now has a cap heal of 3% or 450, whichever is less.

I still like the barrier on it, so decided since I mostly tank, to upgrade this weapon to Mk IV, which increases the cap to 600.

The problem is that I have endless “Your weapon heals you for 450” instead of 600. I know it isn’t much, but, well its 33% more. I finally tested it today and not a single regular heal above 450.

Obviously, this is a bug. Since I am possibly the first person to have a Mk IV weapon “of Restoration”, it’s understandable.

Hopefully, the devs can look into this, as its likely a simple bug to fix.

Thank you!

TSW Lifetimer


The question then becomes; which of these alternatives is it? :wink:

  • Your weapon heal you for 450, which is how it should be (wrong tooltip on weapon)
  • Your weapon heal you for 450, when it should be 600 (weapon bug)
  • Your weapon heal you for 600, but the log states 450 (interface bug)