Share with me a simple Shotgun/Hammer build

Pre update my partner was quite happy with a Shotgun/Hammer build. Yes, it was clearly not optimal but it did the job, they saw nice damage numbers and could stay alive through scenarios, DA and the faction missions through a combination of Pain Suppression and Cruel Delight.

I understand why self healing had to be address to achieve the aims of the update but this morning she had a torrid time. AA is set to about 90/10, cruel delight is still the self heal signet and she just couldn’t keep her HP high enough in anything like on level content.

One of the things we have loved about this game is the fact that it happily supports odd builds and weapon combos - we have no illusions that it’s the easiest or best way of doing things but it worked and it was fun and that’s what we were looking for. I really hope we can get that feeling back.

Obviously it’s day one, and everyone’s on the learning curve but if anyone could share some thoughts on developing a viable Shotgun§/Hammer(S) build that works for someone who really just wants to do DPS I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

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