What's up with pet healing?

Hey folks,

Overall I am quite happy with the massive patch and having a blast on the new map (private server on PS5), I noticed that the changes to healing are not quite there for pets yet, let me ellaborate:

  • You can heal thralls with bandages and potions but not pets, they consume the item but it doesn’t do anything
  • Healing arrows appear to be nerfed as well, they now provide a “minor regen” buff that seems to be usefull for players but almost worthless for thralls/pets

The combination of this two things makes food the only viable option to heal your pet to my knowledge, and it’s SO DAMN SLOW.

Is this something Funcom will look into moving forward? It would make sense to be able to use healing items on pets, as at the moment is quite annonying to have to wait 15 minutes after they take a beating, and also makes it harder for them to survive long fights (bosses, dungeons, etc)

Anyone knows what’s the deal here?

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