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Ok this has bugged me forever. So the stat bump for strength shows extra % increase in damage…for pets that you don’t arm…what is the base damage? The wiki shows it’s 0 and that can’t be right.


True, zero times anything will always be zero. So yes this is a really good question, thank you @erjoh, I cannot calculate either.

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The Wiki lists some pet damage stats, but on others, it reads as 0. Which of course makes me wonder whether the listed damage stats are correct either.

I’m guessing the stats have been picked to the Wiki from the DevKit or something because the base game doesn’t seem to show this information anywhere. I’d love to see it somewhere in the game.

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Poor sad pets. They get no love.

Only a dollar a day will help bring new life to these sad animals. Won’t you please help.

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Pets actually had their total damage visible in the stat menu when they originally released, but it got bunged up when follower leveling was released. Not idea why.

Come to think of it, maybe no-one reported it.

0 damage is almost certainly wrong, but that is what the game said the damage was at the time I was adding the data. It was presumably bugged at that time, and I figured the numbers could be corrected as soon as they patched it.

Instead, they removed it. So then it got stuck at 0.

Unfortunately, creature pages are not auto-generated and must be updated manually, which is a very intensive task, so I haven’t done it for a long while and was putting off doing it again until after 3.0 just in case they change stuff.

If I can’t get proper damage data, I’ll just remove it so that line doesn’t show.

With the thrall nerf coming and pets not being adjusted, I expect more people moving to pets after 3.0 so more pressure on your end which you can funnel up to the company. At this time, I’m only concerned with Undead (which holy F the legion warriors are actually nice and will be comparable when the HP’s get adjusted on the thralls. around 4K HP, 900-1000 armor and 300% damage increase with an n of 2)

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