Im weak level 35

Last time I asked for some help I got a lot of it. Unfortunately I didn’t achieve my goal which was to not stink anymore, cause the pets in the game don’t help a ton for my level. I’m a level 35 barb and it feels like im at a road block with always getting killed. Ive spent some time doing quests but I am running out of some low level stuff to do probably because im a f2p. Any tips or ideas? I was wondering if I got strong armor if that would help if I found a high level friend willing to give me his scraps.

Do missions, kill enemies and take their armor. A premium account won’t help you be better.
You can’t be a glowing comet at level 35…
I’m BS lvl 32 and it’s bloody hard.

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Well as a Barb I’m not sure what pets you’re talking about. Necro’s and Demo’s are the only one’s with fighting pets.

Actually no, AoC is good in the fact that the entire base game from lvl 1 to 80 is totally free to play. In fact having a sub won’t get you anymore content than what a F2p player gets.

All need to buy the various adventure packs or the expansion.

First what is your fighting ‘style’? I mean do you just rush in and attack the whole group? Because unless you’re massively overleveled ALL classes will get their butts handed to them doing that.

Use your ranged weapon to pull only 1 or 2, those you should be able to handle on level.

Work through ALL the different races starter area’s; Con Village, Khemi, Tant, Gateway. You’ll be over leveled but you’ll gain xp and loot.

After that stick work through the other areas until you’re back to on level content. At that point the loot drops / rewards should be all you need to stay even with the NPC’s.

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I got a pet from the guilding vendor that does a small amount of damage. But I will try those other areas. I typically try to take out one guy at a time but its often hard cause usually I will get spotted by another attacker. In that scenario I attack and then sprint away to let my health regain and then keep on doing it until I either get killed or I can kill them.

Is your gear up to level-ish?
Can you show your spec?
Do you use 2 2H Weapons, 1 1H Weapon, or do you switch for crownd control?
Do you use reaver or bloodrage stance?

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If you have problems with survivability, I’d recommend to go for Blood Rage stance.

Personally, I prefer to go dual wield and switch to 2h for the Reverse Swing buff and for cc’s. However, if you don’t feel confortable to weapon switch frequently, you might as well stick with 2h and use a ranged weapon in your second slot.

At 35, I’d use a spec like this link (with the next 2 points, go down the Reaver tree and get 1 point in Blitz).

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thanks I will do that

this response is definitely going to show how much of a noob I am lol. I use bloodrage, my gear is the best I can find from the enemies I kill, I can show u my spec but I will change it to match the one for the comment below yours (mine isnt that far off from it). As for weapons I really only used swords with the best spec I can find and same with the bow. I am not quite sure what u mean about that so that is something I might be lacking in. Most often I only use the bow to try and draw out enemies from a crowd.

The point is that some combos can only be used with certain weapons. Barb crowd control combos (stun, knockback, etc…) can only be used with a 2 handed weapon, like Liberator’s Greatsword.

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