Need to ask what im doing wrong?


Why the hell is this game so freaking hard I´m playing a conquer and I`m level 25 and I´m at Khopshef doing quest but ever sense I started this game has been way to hard when it comes to mobs allot of times doing quest I can do them if I manage to get 2 mobs at a time which is hard because aggro range seam way to far and I always end up with 3-4-5 enemies at the same time which results in my death and yes I even have some potions for healh but them don´t seam to help at all I know how you change you defense but it does not seam to help that much because if I focus on that I can do enough dmg I got no clue on what to do it all feels like why the hell do a same level mob be almost stronger than me 99% of mmos today same level mobs are never a problem ever I can always handle 5-10 of them in any mmo but in this game 3 or more is like ■■■■ you and the health goes down faster than your health in dark souls when soul level 1 at the last boss.


It’s completely normal that you can’t fight 5 - 10 enemies in AoC alone. Level 20 - 40 is really thougher than other levels since you don’t have that many talents and gear is mostly very bad but once you get higher it gets easier since you got more feat points to spend and get more talents.

Careful pulling is also important, it’s hard to explain but with time you will learn the aggro range of enemies, you need to be especially carful if there are patrols that walk around. => With this spec you should easily be able to take 2 - 3 enemies, Retaliation is really nice against melee enemies, they take damage when attacking you, Burst of Aggression is a good way to CC all enemies around you. You also got a kick combo, just try to position the enemies infront of you and kick them all back.
Lumbering Hulk can be switched on and off, activate it whenever you go into combat with enemies to get some additional damage and health regeneration.

I am not sure right now how effective Guard of Dancing Steel is on lower levels but if you use this combo you can inflict additional damage when hitting enemies.
Also, try to get at least a little bit of Hitrating on your gear, I know it’s kinda hard on lower levels to get Hitrating but even 2%- 4% Hitrating can be incredible helpful so that enemies don’t evade your attacks that often.

Once you reached ~40 you will have a really easy game as a soldier, you can take so much damage and kill most enemies pretty quick, especially if you do “stance dancing” with weapon switching, switching from Def to Frenzy stance whenever you CCed enemies then use dualwield to perform a Bloodbath combo to get additional damage from the DoT.


No Conq experience but I’ve run Rangers, DT, ToS, HoX and a Barb.

Careful pulling of MoB’s is ALWAYS important. Study the MoB and how they move. Does one seperate from the pack? If you come at the pack from a different direction will you be able to only pull part? Start thinking tactical.

Also and most important, don’t play their game. All classes have a secondary attack feature. Check out the MoB, pull out you bow and pull that guy that wanders off. Then shift to melee and have at him. Don’t go into their aggro range if you don’t need to, like the old telephone commercial went “reach out and touch someone”.


Also when you have more than 4 mobs on you, you take “overwhelming” damage. As in you get hit for more than usual.


Thanks allot guys for the feed back I will try to learn and see if I can do it but it has been bugging med dying so damn much. But yeah thanks allot. May I also ask what UI mod or addon do you guys recommend I read people say it´s better to use a costume one.


What stance are you using? I found that while leveling my conq I was much, much, much more squishier with frenzy stance so I have been leveling mostly in brute stance.

I would also ask, are you using things like your firebanner? How are you pulling the mobs/approaching the mobs? Have you tried switching to a different area to get a few levels further and them come back to quests you’re struggling on? Have you perhaps considered finding a mate to do harder quests with, even if it’s short term and you forget about them two days after?

If you’re going down the bruteconq route, are you using your Lumbering Hulk skill? I found that LH with one of the skills right by it that you can get early on will give you an aoe kickback ability. Are you using your double tap forward to try to get the melee stun to proc? I found that while I was leveling in the 20s through 40 that the double tap stun was my best friend because you can double tap endlessly to stun your enemy.

As for UI, I think Stonerune and StrangeUI are the most “current” and I’d recommend StrangeUI over Stonerune due to it having more customization options.


Stock one here. Tried one of the custom one’s in the early days, but got tired of always having to reload it whenever Funcom ran a patch.


Thanks I will try out the tips you gave me well I always use Lumbering hulk when ever I can but some times I does not feel it help but I will try to use crossbow to get aggro and try that AOE kickback ability.

Yeah I should problem get a friend I got several guild invites but I decline because how I play I tend to play mmo solo becuse well real life or other games so I can´t play 24/7 and some times it can take a while before I play again if I get stuck in another game so it´s hard to find people who understand it or at least accept it


I’ve found that most guilds accept social players/casual players (except the guilds that grind t5+ hardcore) so I’m sure you’d find one that would take your fancy :slight_smile:
Anyway, goodluck!


Okey but it´s hard to know anything about the guild when you get random invites. are they hardcore or not they just invite me with out even saying anything.


Most of the ones who blind invite you aren’t hardcore guilds.

I’d go as far as to say that the majority of the ones that just spam you with invites are not worth your time. At all. There are however, many friendly guilds in the game that DONT spam invites like that.


Pretty safe to say, if they send an invite randomly without you contacting them then they are not hardcore.
Generally they are just doing mass recruitment and it will be very hit & miss if people in that guild want to interact with each other at all.
BUT it’s easy to leave a guild if you do accept an invite and find that they do not suit you. There is a guild management icon amongst the icons on the top left of your screen - open that and select leave.


but I think it would be better to search for a guild to be honest.


Yes, I think it is better to search for a guild, too. The ones that blind invite are known to be really bad for newbies, as they only want to up their number, and none of them has leader or member who can actually answer questions about the game. You might want to find a guild inbetween the blind inviting ones who do not care who they invite, and the hardcore endgame raiding guilds. And there are a lot of those guilds, although not many are advertising in global (or nsh, if you are F2P you can see only that community channel).

The best advise was often given on this forum already: Turn on guild tags and player names, and watch in what people and guilds you run into, or who are passing you by at the times you are playing. If you get the chance to talk to some of their member, and they are friendly, just ask if they take in casual solo players.
Most of the guilds will not have any problem whatsoever with members who just want to run solo and occasionally ask a question in the guild chat.


You can also switch weapon to use Bloodbath combo then switch it again for your standart 2H combos if you play in Brute spec.
It is very useful against packs of mobs. First few rangs of BB have 180 AoE, last rangs have full 360 AoE. Forward double tap is also very useful for this.


I would also add that conq is possibly the hardest class to play in aoc. :frowning:


Huh, what?
At least at lower levels Conqueror is one of the easiest - if not THE easiest - class to play.

Now, to play it WELL, that is harder - but this is true for all the classes in AoC.


I wasrefering to endgame doe. No class is hard at lowlevel…


No, and by a long shot.


Which class would you say is the hardest and why?

I would say conq is the hardest because of how you need to manage your abilities and mocromanagement in order to maintain good aggro. Compared to what counterparts(Guard and DT) have to do to maintain aggro i would say conq is the hardes by far and i have several weeks playtime on all the solider classes.

I’d also say Tanking is the hardest thing to do. DPSimg sure can be hard aswell if you are competeing with dpsmeter, but to fail as dps is usualy not that fatal.

PvP is a whole other story ofc. Brute conqs is just a walk in the park in PvP, while carnage might be a little more balanced due to short weaponrange(which with the latency in aoc is really bad). Combined with the 3step WW combo it makes carnage pretty difficult, bit it also pays of with damage i think is deserved.