Im starting to get annoyed as hell

So im trying to get my first ever charter to max level im 48 atm. But damn the agro range on enemies are dog shit. I mean I can stand and take on 2 NPC and suddenly 5 more 10 miles away gets agro on me as well and im dead. Im playing a barbarian with berserker speck and I can easily deal with 2-4 npc at the same level as me. Any more than 4 I eat shit and die and this game have a tendency to throw 6-8 npc at the same time on me thanks to their agro range being so damn huge.

And im starting to lose interest in the game becuse how damn many times im dying. I was thinking of maybe try out demonologist but what all mmo taught is mage classes can output dmg but die if you even sneeze at them.

Also I don´t feel like doing everything from scratch again I did Tortugas like 5 times trying out classes So im very sick of that right now.

So what the hell am I doing wrong or am I supposed to die more time than I ever died in all 3 dark souls game ?

Cant say I recall the issue you’re describing when im thinking back at my journey to 80.

Tho theres a tendency in modern mmorpgs that leveling is a breeze, in retail world of warcraft you can pull 20 mobs and blast em down. In classic world of warcraft you are often dead if you pull 2 mobs instead of one. This game is leaning slightly to the latter where you sometimes need abit of patience and thinking ahead before you pull camps or patrolls. But generally speaking like I said, I dont remember questing being a struggle at all.

I think you will be fine if u just keep going and maybe being more careful.

Well problem is im used to old games I grew up with Linage 2 and Ragnarok online and ever Quests and so on. And yes if you pull to much you died. But problem is you often did no pull so many becuse everything was not so densely packed. But in Conan I seen like 10 NPC standing so close if I try to pull one I get all of them And even if I use bow to pull 1 dude 3-4 just comes running and some times you get some random NPC just spawn right out your ass.

I’m with Moriala one your first problem. Never had that happen with any of my characters.

For the 2nd one of pulling to many, that one I’ve done and I’ve learned I just need to wait til someone wanders away from the others to pick him off / pull him from the group.

I don’t know Berserkers, but if you’re using any AOE attacks that might be whats pulling in unrelated mobs.

My worst on that point was in SWTOR where the required companion had AOE attacks and in the first LARGE room, I had engaged the 1st mob (well away from the others), he did his AOE which covered THE ENTIRE ROOM! Suddenly it was me vs 50 npc’s!

Yeah but the problem is I often wait for some NPC to walk away but some how they manage to walk back before shit is dead. And yes my gear is updated. Im level 50 and have a blue level 50 weapon and some blue 45+ armor parts.

But the worst is when I use my bow to agro 1 duded 4 others comes runing besue they sat next to the dude or when your already fighting 3 people and one of them spawn 2 minions like shit my HP melts like butter in the sun.

I would buy better gear and better HP pots but im low on gold I got like 2 gold. The HP pots I want are like 20 silver each but they heal like 400 something while the ones I have now heal 324.

As a barbarian try to equip a cheap bow to pull single or two mobs from far range so you are then in a position where you are safe from pulling more.

Without seeing an example of your issue, the only advice I can think to give is:

•Use your bow to pull carefully. Wait until wanderers leave, pick small groups, target stragglers, etc.
•Make sure you’re in Blood Rage stance and not Reaver stance. This is where all your self-healing comes from.
•Don’t worry about buying expensive healing potions; the regular ones for your level are fine. Make sure to drink one early if you think the pull will be rough.
•Invest in the Insanity/Blood Fury feats. This lets your Blood Rage stack higher, and lets you spend stacks as necessary. IIRC, you won’t get any self-heal procs if you’re maxed on stacks, so having a way to lower your stack is helpful.
•Use CC abilities often, especially against larger pulls.

Out of curiosity, was this happening in The Fields of the Dead??

It always seems like that area has a larger aggro range than any other place.