Just some frustration

Im starting to think this game is not for me im 32 hours in according to steam just hit level 30 and well another char level 20 until I released that class was not fun for me.

Anyway hit level 30 and im bloody bored no im not hating on the game it´s just me but man it feels so damn slow running from 1 end to another and im not talking from 1 end of the map to the second. I mean 1 map to 3 others and god forbid using mounts until level 40 but yeah i feelt so bored leveling running around like a headless chicken. and story quest ?

Also when do I get some cool armors right now I still look like I have the tethered clothes you start with in every elderscrolls game.

Also some rely nice people told me I should get some blue gear on a trader after I said I felt I died a bit to easy. Well it´s kinda hard I to do that when I just checked at level 30 and all I could fin was 2 only 2 parts of gear at my level and yes I checked heavy armor there was nothing at level 30 for medium. Also reason I ask when I get cool looking armors is well so far all mmos I played which are many they often make you get cooler and cooler armor for every 10-15 or 20 levels it´s diffrent for each game but 30 levels in and the armor is just all brown and look horrible and nothing as cool as level 80 teir 1 to 8 looks like do I rely have to wait to level 80?

Also weapons was lacking my 2 handed level 24 had more dmg than all of the green level 30 2 handed I found.

Im playing a Conquer for any one wondering.

But yeah im not sure I must be spoiled with new mmos becuse leveling felt a bit slow boring. Moving around slow and no cool armors and maybe it´s also a bit boring because I play alone but no friends of mine like this game.

I rely want to at least make 1 charter to 80 if I even can with out premium or DLCs. Because I want to see more of the main story and because im a huge Conan fan heck im one of the few Conan fan I know that loves Conan exiles allot. But at the moment I feel bored.

Sorry for the rant I rely want to love the game but man I feel like I just don´t wanna play more even if I want to do it because I want to see more of the main quest and the cooler armors.

You might be heading for disappointment then.

First the ‘main story’ is the destiny quest. Now you got a lot of it while in Tortage, but after you leave you’ll only see a destiny quest at lvl 30, 50 and 60, with the 60 one getting rid of your slave mark opening up seeing Conan at his castle and get some follow on quests from him.

All the other quests, are generally one off’s or just a short string of quests, nothing like an over reaching arc. Each region has it’s own ‘theme’ would be the best way of putting it, but the quests just fit the theme.

As for armor, Hyboria is a cruel world and pretty much the armor reflects that. While there are some nice lvl 80 outfits, most don’t play the game for cool armor. Just to put things in perspective, my main is still wearing the rag kilt I got off the slaver who you had to kill to go through the gate from the beach to the ape area in the solo part at the start of the game.

What you can check out is the Vanity armor the gilding vendors sell. You’ll get tokens of gilding via some seasonal quests, the daily login bonus and from any loot boxes you buy out of the store. Also any of the armor you find that’s your ‘class - heavy’ or lower you can wear as vanity armor.

Making it to lvl 80 as a total F2p player is doable, the adventure packs are totally optional and the 1 expansion can’t be entered until lvl 79/80.

While I’ve never run a heavy armor wearer, you should be getting bit’s and piece’s from your quests that will keep you alive. I do check the Trader from time to time, but also just get by with what I pick up,.

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Thanks for the input maybe the game rely is not for me. Yeah I know maybe cool armors is not fitting for Hyboria but yet it´s a mmo and game so a bit more of would not be bad I mean you can see it allot of armors in Conan exiles so it clearly exists in the world acroding to at least one game. Like Jewel of the West Pack you use allot on how Aquilonian would dress. But yeah it´s mostly me when I play a mmo and level my charter I want it also to show when I get stronger my armor gets more bad ■■■ as my charter gets well bad ■■■.

There are several items from Level 60 on that look very similar to the armor sets in that expansion for conan exiles as far as I know, crafted armors and so on, especially the ones for soldiers.
Most special looking armor sers obviously start to appear on level 80 but even before that you can collect some nice looking items to create a specific look.
Obviously, you wont find armor sets like in WoW, Aion or all the other games since those are a completely different style.

yeah I understand that but it´s the im used to the higher the level the cooler I get. like 1 of many reasons I hate black desert online is you got like bad armor designs no matter what level you are if you don´t spend 30 euro to buy cool costume armors.

But yeah my biggest problem is rely not the armors it´s for some reason I feelt bored as heck after playing 4 hours today when I logged off the leveling felt a bit slower as I often said I like it medium fast not to fast leveling but not so slow like not max level in 1-2 days but not max level in 1-4 months more like 1-2 weeks instead but 1-40 should be fast then it can slow down well depending on what the max level is.

But maybe the biggest problem is playing alone maybe. to be honest im not 100% sure what made me feel rely bored.

Leveling can be relatively fast (like 2 weeks, from 1 to 80), but you need to know what you’re doing, which areas are the best for your level and such. So, most likely, on your first character it will take a lot more.
About armor, you can get something cooler at lvl 40, farming a bit the dungeon Sanctum of the Burning Souls, in the Wild Lands of Zelata, Aquilonia.
If you don’t find a group of the correct level, you can still try to ask in Global/NPH chats for a lvl 80 to help you.

In general, when you look for armor, i suggest you to check on AoC>TV: Armory

Good luck.

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One thing people forgot to mention is that as a free to play member, leveling will feel slow. They increase your experience gain when you have an active monthly subscription as well as other bonuses and perks.

Also if you are not playing on crom pve server as a newcomer you’ll find leveling to be a lonely experience as fury is more or less a low pop end game PvP server whereas crom last I checked has a higher pop more spread out through out the levels.

There are some cool armors you’ll come across as you level and vanity works similar to bdo except you don’t have to buy stuff to wear from the store. Try to find a guild to join. The game is no fun when you’re solo. You need some friends to level/socialize with.

Thanks every one helps allot to learn more. Yeah I play on Crom becuse im not much of a pvper. Yeah a guild would be smart but often never look for one becuse im a bit well new people shy.

yeah that´s my problem Spreadicus getting premium is not gonna happen anytime soon still looking for a damn job and the amount of money I get now is enugh to cover bills and food. I have not subbed or bught a new game in over 2 years.

Just as a type of “carrot” to get you going. Once you finally are in the endgame, there is just soo much high quality content to explore. Aoc has the best pve content of any game i have played. Every dungeon has unique clever stactics and pussles(not just avoid this and dont stand in this) and a reason for being there(backstory).

And the imersion is just on another level than anything else ive tried. This is why i have chosen to play this for the last 10 years. After all this time i still uncover new things here and there.

Another good thing is that once your in end game there is nothing forcing you to play alot. While the progress is a long and sometimes slow one, when you get that item its just such a good feeling because you know it will always be relevant. Maybe something slightly better will come, but it wont take the relevance out of the items you have aquired.

Hmm, when i used to level up i usualy had certain milestones where things happend.

If you think levling is boring it might be because the focus is wrong. If all you do is play so you can play at end game its gonna be slow. I highly recommend trying to take your time while levling. Explore the world, not for xp, but for the adventure. Read the dialogue, and be involved in the tasks you are doing.

Last note. These expansions:
Savage coast of Turan: Gonna need it anyways, Awesome place to level in your 50s.
Shadow of Vanaheim: Cool, daily quest line lots of XP!

Conq is a really cool class. My main in fact, because it can be played in serveral different ways. You should utilize this to keep the leveling more interesting.

And on the armors. Its a shallow shadow of what it really is when levling. On end game there are so many different gear sets. And the are soo high quality, its next to unbelivable the game is so old. And since youre a conq, you will be able to wear almost all of them with the exception of class restricted ones. I imagine you have noticed the “Vanity” tap in your gear section? )

Good luck, hope we’ll see you around! :slight_smile:


Interesting stuff starts at lvl 80, you’re doing well so far lvling up one char to 30 and another one to 20 in 30ish hours. Just focus one one of them and do quests, you’ll be lvl 80 in a week or so. Look for some guilds to join, ask in NPH. You’ll have way more fun/help if you join some active guild as new player.

All that sounds awesome I will play more but take it slower not to burn my self out to early.

Hmm she I can´t get the expansions I mean if coast of turan is nice place to level that would be nice but I have well ignore having 0 income kinda sucks but I have to live with what the game offers on a free level and it should be enugh I hope.

Ah, I understand mate, well all the zones have some story to tell. Also now and then there is special things like and arena quest chain in an inn in tarantia nobel district level 56. It will reward you with a super nice Epic 1 handed sword. :slight_smile:

That is the kind of things you can find by doing some exploration. :wink:

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No Leveling up as f2p is a standard Leveling up that we all old players have faced. Premium have a bonus after revamp but f2p have no penality, just standard xp without bonus as we had at our time.

you get cool armor relatively early but don’t wait for it to level alone. you get them more in dungeons but it’s a matter of taste. Hyboria is a prehistoric and barbaric world of poverty is not a high-fantasy