Conan at the start and what i think now

first of all i never played a game as much in history as conan, 6,300hrs +…

i remember when i buy the game and why i did it, it was as it was looking so cool fighting and building and try and survive against animals and npc and even other hostile players, the game come long way, all the way when we was building stairs and removed them after so no one could raid you, yea haha back then you could not climb, i would say its better now on that part even if there is bugs that making you falling down if you dont press and hold space when you climbing, i remember the mighty avatars instand died when they touches a bubble, now you can still raid with gods on bubbles if you do it right and use more then 1, trebs was also stopped by bubble and yes i liked those 2 last thing better then, now bubble is almost useless, it will stop arrows atleast, when i got the game and all my DLC for the game i spent alot money on your game, and now if you see were it was then and were it is with 3.0 its way way way to wrong, i dident pay my game many years ago to be were i am now with 3.0 and all the shit with it, magic for sure was not why i buy the game back then, so funcom you know how to turn a Ferrari to a Opel, its what i am feeling about this game now, i buy a game i loved and now i cant play it as this shit stuff you did with magic and other stuff in 3.0 its a total diffrent game then back then, up to 3.0 i been pumping in hrs over the year with my 6.3k hrs on official pvp and now its all over for me, if it was possible to get all my money back then i would take it as i dident buy a Opel, i pay for a Ferrari

give me my money back*!!!

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I’d say you’ve got your moneys worth already. By all means STOP giving them money if you’re unhappy, I know I will.

Clarification: Until now, I’ve had a “buy ALL the things!” mindset, because they were reasonably priced and I do like giving Funcom money when they deserve it. If that becomes the case again, the former state shall resume :frowning_face:


I have almost 6k on Conan. I feel that this game has returned it’s value over a hundred fold, I wish I could return the favor. I kind of doubt you have the hours you say or you would not say the things you say. I think that makes sense lol.

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My dude I was just about to post that same thing.

You got 6300 hours of play out of the game, and you’re here screaming salty murder that you want your money back.


I played the game in May 2018, when it came out for XBOX, I played about 4 months straight, then I stopped, I came back 4 months in 2020, and then 2021, then I would never play Conan again in my life, but as soon as I saw UPDATE 3.0 with sorcery and bats, I decided to go back and I’m loving it.

I just wish it had BUFFS in the summoning stone: for abysmal horse 2 hours and level 20, and demon 2 hours level 20.

Tallest and impossible wall of fire to be and climb.

And flying bat + 50% stamina, it’s dropping really fast.

But I’m loving the game, especially the lightning in PvP.

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I see the only people loving this is the people in caves or just plan hiding. Personally it’s a downfall because it makes half the build spots in the game not worth it anymore.

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Just one thing to point out:

The End User Licence Agreement you accepted when purchasing the game (or more accurately, when purchasing the licence to play the game - you don’t own it) gives Funcom every right to alter the product as they see fit. You may like it, or you may not, but a game-changing update is not a valid reason to request a refund. They could shut down the servers today and it would not be a valid reason for a refund because that’s what we agreed upon when accepting the EULA.

We all did read the EULA before clicking “I accept”, didn’t we?


Obviously no one’s getting money back. The fact that they pushed this update out with many many bugs and is unplayable for a good portion of ppl is enough reason to get frustrated and say such things

Oh! I thought it was the physics-enabled… ah!.. nvm :slight_smile:

So you do like some changes the game went through :slight_smile: Yea, that’s the thing though… you can’t make everyone happy and it’s a bundle deal, can’t just cherry pick the features you like but not the ones you don’t.

Dennis didn’t call you either in the middle of the night whether you’re okay with the direction they’re heading towards? :frowning: no? me neither :frowning:

Let me guess… You play on PvP servers and you dislike the lightning spell and the flying bats and you wanted to attempt a “deep and meaningful” post instead of the usual “Nerf lightning and bats!!!” that we have a dozen of already?

Oh… the price of Ferraris seems to have plummeted last I checked!!!.. Maranello here I come! :slight_smile:

I too wish all my money back from all the restaurants I ate my food at!

Anyway, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just joking, but like all the others pointed out… this isn’t some ongoing subscription based something that you’re paying every month… if it was… you would have something called “leverage”… The thing is… you already bought the game… you already enjoyed it for quite a long time… sadly it’s not meant to last forever and change is inevitable. Some change you will like, some you will not…

That would be fair enough, however OP is complaining about the features and the actual changes to the game, not about how it performs or the bugs

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