Sad about the downfall of Conan Exiles

I have had conan exiles ever since it came out and all of the dlc’s on console. I quit playing it because of the change in the rolling mechanic which was a few years ago. I looked forwards to playing it again, and bought it on PC. It seems that there are so many changes to the Armor structures, the buffs that each one used to give that extra coolness factor. Than to find out that the impervious to cold buff doesn’t even work anymore. It once was an epic game to play and have, but someone decided to make changes which really makes gameplay dissappointing. I will be asking for a complete refund through steam for the recent purchase and dlc’s, it’s just not worth it to play anymore, , Dev’s why do you always got to mess up a perfectly good game, I don’t care even to play on the new map because gameplay really just sucks with all the changes, it would be nice if you would try and not break the game and once in awhile listen and pay attention to the feedback seasoned players give you, good grief.
I’ll find some other game to invest my money in, since you really don’t seem to care…I actually would like to have an old version of the game with the original settings, unchanged.


But the seasoned players disagree on many accounts of what the game should be. Which seasoned players should they listen to?

While this does count as a complaint and should be metriced, you really should lay into what specifically lead you to dropping the product entirely. You mentioned cold buff but then got real general with “changes which really makes gameplay dissappointing”
I’m not defending FC, I want your opinion to be heard but that requires specifics on your complaint and not lost as just a generic complaint that gets metriced as part of the ~0.25% of the game sales that is unhappy (just spit balling that number but most companies I have worked at have a complaint ratio about that size).


I am interested to hear what exactly is the complaint about. Some complain that the game is too easy and the temperature in the different biomes doesn’t matter anymore. I get the impression that op is about it becoming too punishing. I personally haven’t had any issues either way. It is pretty convenient to not have to swap armours anymore but I didn’t mind having to carry two as I used to have the second one equipped on my thrall. About the dodge roll, it was nerfed then buffed, I don’t mind where it is now. Long story short, tell us what exactly is the issue you have.

P.S. Btw refund threats don’t work since we all know that you won’t be able to get one from Steam.


It seems there are a whole lot of multi-player online games I play which go through this. Some designers and developers get together and create something pretty cool. But they are usually a small group so they start relying on users for bug reports. Bug reports turn into feature requests which at first are usually fine but then too many players think they know something - which they don’t. They think they understand something about “balance” - which they don’t. And they start making suggestions that “ruin the game” - or as compared to the initial visions, are different enough to shock. They usually have this convoluted logic behind whatever it is and so other players thinking they’re elite because they have 6k hours of dinking around, jump on the band wagon. The company thinks it’s a consensus - which it’s actually not, and implements it or something close to it. Before you know it there’s a whole bunch of lame-brained changes made that the actual majority of players didn’t want and probably don’t like very much.

Why would you expect FC/CE to be any different?

As normal-minded players however, there’s a few ways to deal with such progressions. We can blow a gasket and threaten to force a refund, we can just play it as is and enjoy it without comparing it to it’s past versions and fretting the differences, or we can go away and play some other game.

In any case CE has a lot to offer without bothering yourself about how things used to be - or in the case of some forums users here, how things ought to be.


Pretty much just this. People DO get upset when a game they love or loved changes direction or implements something they do not like, I myself am a perfect example. ( Thrall limits, I hate you )

But asking for a refund years after clicking “I agree to the terms and conditions” is a total waste of time and energy.

I have calculated that I probably have spent over $100 USD on three CE instances, ( I bought one for my brother and one for my boyfriend ) one pretend DLC ( ( Siptah ), and I own every DLC on my account.

In no way did I ever think, I want my money back. I love this game and have easily received my moneys worth.

If there was an FC Dev tip jar, I would have put money in it.


The Key is dont buy funcom products in the future, I bought AOC (hell pre order even XD) and guess I didn’t learn that time round, and yes I wouldn’t even say its fair to refund CE, as I more then got my enjoyment of it, thousands of hours of entertainment for the majority of which I didn’t even pay the price for a ticket to the cinema(you could look at the soda and popcorn as DLC XD) and I see it as a shame it never reached its full potential.

However! the change in direction shows the direction funcom both wants to take their games and are taking their games, and wont be making purchases of anything in the future, and then there’s the whole tennecent acquisition, which the less said about the better…


tldr = Conan isnt exactly the way OP demands, game is dead (as is the common meme since 2017), demands refund and will quit.

There ya go.


30 might be on the low end.

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oh like bleed…

As you pointed out, a two hour cinema costs more than a copy of CE. I bought my extra copies when they had a steam sale so they did not cost much IMO. I would be cautious buying another DLC but most likely would.
The point is, how do you put a price tag on something that kept you sane thru a pandemic, Mothers death, loss of job, and a PTSD boyfriend. You really cannot.


well that’s the thing, I can criticize and whine and I do and have done! but in part that largely comes because I care about the game, it has given me amazing hours of entertainment, made great friends, I have gone through some things like you say too, and its helped me clear my headspace playing.

for the amount of time and enjoyment the game has given me, whether its perfect or not funcom more than deserves what I paid for it, but future products I am going to be pragmatic about.


Many of the hardcore players went to play something more hardcore so funcom it seems started making the game more casual to try to grab more players . Or maybe the hardcore players left when funcom started making the game more casual , not sure about that .

It could also be flavor of the month syndrome ie, players play the game until the next shiny thing comes along to brag about playing, maybe.


I read stuff like this and then realize there are gamers out there who have forked over $1000’s for a game that doesn’t even exist. Talking about you Star Citizen and of course the scamtastic game Chronicles of Elyria. Seriously though, the changes made to Conan Exiles were mostly either balancing fixes or QoL changes.

I’ve played this game since it first came out and I’ve also played just about every other sandbox survival game there is. From 7 Days 2 Die, ARK, Citadel: Forged with Fire and last but not least, Dark and Light. The only other game in this genre that even comes close to this game is ARK and in my opinion, ARK has a lot more wrong with it than Conan Exiles ever has.

P.S. I agree with the refund threat mentioned by others. It’s cute, but futile.



yet, I have different opinion about ARK, despite many wrongs, ARK at least has meaningful progression and survival loops to play while conan has none of it
from survival game standpoint CE falls on sad grey end even next to some non survival games

I think i liked the gaming industry better before we started coming up with all these meaningless labels! When Pong, Packman, Gradius, Space Invaders, Battlezone, Asteroids, and Donkey Kong were just “video games”.



Especially when games were providing competition only among friends.

The streetfighter evening with your friends or your Tekken session on the PS2 in front of a TV. Basically any splitscreen game that you could play with your friends on Console/PC.

Good times.


I agree, especially when all those acronyms appear to be more confusing to developers then gamers


I think I agree. Developers should probably not label their genres and just let users and reviewers argue about what they are and are not.

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THIS. I’m in favor of letting the game stand on its own. The labels in steam could just be hidden for the purposes of “Games like Conan… but not exactly”. Let the dev market their game in the text.

“Rogue like” makes me gag.


careful what you with for
take 10 players and they will give you 15 different definitions of a single tag, try cRPG and drown in contradictions