Sad about the downfall of Conan Exiles

Yup, Steam caught on to this quite awhile ago. It’s companies that haven’t. So FC calls their game a survival game and it barely fits (or only fits till the player is level 40 or so), which causes confusion, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. Why do it then? Just leave it, it’s not needed for most of us anyway.

K, sure, I’m not going to change anything by talking about it here in an obscure forum - but I thought it was a good point in getting people to just see CE for what it is - and it is what it is… Not what some company labeled it as because they thought it would boost sales or even because that was at one point what they were shooting for.


That’s not how it originally was. In the 80s and early 90s you could be playing your favorite fighting game, when a stranger comes up, puts a coin in and interrupts your current session. Now you have to win against them in order to continue. Unless of course they wish to pony up more cash for more attempts. Course you could do the same thing.

We PVP’d before there was even Internet Access.


That was the worst thing about arcades. Early p2w.

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There are always vocal opinions when changes hit. But as with forums, people enjoying the game are enjoying the game not on the forums because they are happily playing.

But I’m confident funcom has all sorts of data to drive these decisions. Like what level people stopped playing at usually. Where the hurdles where to smooth progression. I’m inclined to believe they made the decision for the majority of players. Not just seasoned/veteran/hardcore or casual players. I think it’s generally about the data they have over all. So they attempt to find solutions.

I doubt funcom said, “In todays meeting we will discuss ways to upset players and ruin our income and reputations”

If you dig into the wiki you will find that what your looking for is still there in spirit

The temp system seems messed up at first if your biased to the old one.

So temp is there but it’s a quality system now instead of right on the clothing. You need the thrall and bench to get the resistances from the higher end clothing.


Bad example. There is a system thier, but once you have 30 vot and 10 survival, you can run around 95% of map naked without care fornthe temp. And since most armors now protect against both whether 1 or 2 bars, they dont change that. Used to be yoi were wearing Epic Heavy Khitan in desert you would get heat strike in seconds, not not so much. So while there, it is another mechanic that isnt really part of yhe game loop.

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It doesn’t become a bottleneck to gameplay anymore.

The example is related to the flow of gameplay

In general the spirit of the old system is there, however like food and water, it becomes almost non-issue as you get to the end game


A fundamental survival component has been neutered.

Secondarily, in so doing, a valuable defensive and offensive tactic is removed outright.


Yep, by building in Volcano or Extreme North you use climate as a defense to force certain armors and perk load outs. Something that is natural in warfare is now just gone because-…-It made the pve part of the game too hard???


Laid back casual folks like the people I play with. But nonetheless we didn’t ask for the changes we have rented our own servers and adjusted to suit.


This. Many people don’t understand how the new system actually works. I’ll explain this a bit.

The old system had it where temperature was modified by one stat. This led to wonky things such as freezing to death in the desert while wearing heat resistant armor and drinking. That made no sense.

The new system separates it into tolerances for high and low. This solves the issue above. And allows for even heat resistant armor to provide a small bonus to cold. This makes sense because armor shouldn’t be less effective in colder weather than being naked.

What’s broken? Not the system. It works great, sort of. But the stats on the items themselves are wonky. There’s two issues at play here however.

First one is the whole system is obfuscated. One pip of resist doesn’t equal one pip in the stat page. And the reason for this is it takes a certain level of resist (a integer value) to see more than one pip. I believe its 1-3 is one pip, 4-7 is two, ect or something like that. Its every three or four.

For example, Light Armor has 1 point in each piece. It has more when crafted by a thrall, +1 for T1, +2 for T2, + 3 for T3, and +5 for T4. It also gets an extra one for being epic. So an epic set made by a named Thrall should have 7 to both resists. I think it only shows 2 pips per piece like this. And when you equip the whole set, you see a lot of pips on the stat page. But its not 5x 2 pips. But it is a total of 35 resist.

If we could see these raw numbers, that would alleviate a bunch of confusion. But that’s only one problem and not the worst one.

The next one was the distribution of resists across different armors.

For example Vanir Settler and Vanir Fur gives 2 to heat and 1 to cold per piece. The Vanir Heavy gives the 1 to heat and 2 to cold like you would expect. That’s a problem. And most likely an oversight or fat finger.

In the devkit, its hard to remember which stat is what since they are not listed as heat/cold or temperature. You have to remember that stat 22 is one and 23 is the other. So its very likely whomever input the stat got the two mixed up.

So the fix here is to readjust the armors… more specifically the ItemStatModification table. And I would say some armors need to be readjusted. Maybe some of the fur style armors give 0 heat resist or even negative resist to bring back the idea that wearing too heavy clothing in hot areas is not a good idea.

This is why earlier in this comment I said the system works great… but sorta. The survival attribute probably needs its resist values tone back a bit. I think right now its like 1 resist to both heat and cold for every 2 points. That might need to be closer to 5.

But overall the underlying system is fine. How items and attributes interact with it, is where the problem is.

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Looking at the tags for some it is violent survival with gore elements so close enough :yum:

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If people want brutal survival, get on barbaric server, or play PvP

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That doesn’t actually give brutal survival. There’s other changes that need to be made. There’s even things that mods can’t remedy in this regard.

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Agreed. And most privates lean toward rp and make the base game easier tbh.

And even when mods do help, people complain anyways. PvEPlusAmbush, perfect example. Lightly used mod meant to make the game harder. Its not perfect as I’m not a coder and have 10,000 other projects to attend to, but it does what it sets out to do. I hear all the time, “I want to make the game harder!” So I go, okay, try this mod this mod, and this mod, PvEPlusAmbush.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the majority of those players who claim they want a harder experience either fine tune PvEPlusAmbush to be extremely easy, or remove it entirely. Along with all the other mods that were recommended. I’m not honestly sure exactly what it is the majority of players want when they claim they want a harder experience, but it appears that making it harder isn’t what they actually want.


This is unfortunately true.

Except for all of the mods that are added to the game that literally make the game more challenging than the base game is. So yeah, no. But then again, you wouldn’t know from experience would you? I’ve seen private servers that have their settings set to make the mobs hit harder than officials AND were still RP servers but hey, RP = EZ mode right?

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I think complexity is the key to what is desired vs just “harder”. Remember when the North Biome first opened and they had mob blooms and wolves every three feet?, lol.
That was actually pretty challenging to get to the far north thru that mess, before obelisks and horses and followers. I had a black Ice base by the frozen lake and it still was a huge challenge to get to it. Now you can pretty much run naked from the noob spawn area to the ice cave. Just dont go in.


Nope, check most. 5-10x harvest, AoC eewa all add weapons that pretty much 1 shot all base npcs outside of bosses. RP as in rules. You cant do this ornthat, no horses, no raidingbsomeone twice in a row etc. Most pvp servers are more rp than open pvp.

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Thats how EL desert itself was too in the beginning, hyenas were no joke. I get your argument and agree, but at the same time, having random spawns on you that can present all sorts of challenges would definitely meet your criteria of “complexity.” Yet, nearly every time somebody installs the mod, they complain about how hard it is (despite there being a bazillion admin controls to make it easier).

Which is what I mean. They complain they want the game harder, they install a mod that will randomly ambush you with random enemies out in the wilderness. Complain its too hard, and either make it so its basically super easy mode, or they remove it entirely. And its not just PvEPlusAmbush that has this problem.

That’s why I have a hard time believing people when they claim they want something harder. The vast, vast, majority of my interactions with that crowd suggests they want something else, but certainly not actually harder.