Conan Exiles is mostly positive now

Conan Exiles passed the 70% positive review barrier on steam and appears as “Mostly Positive” now.

I’m so happy for it.



I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now (solo play) and nothing bad to say about the game thus far.
Did have an issue with an old, and apparently dying, psu. But I can’t really fault the game for that.


“Mostly positive” has been my feeling for the game for months now. Most of the bugs that had been plaguing me seem to have been fixed, the bits of frustration I’m experiencing are mostly cosmetic in nature, and in the handful of cases where I disagree with the game designers’ decisions I can install a mod to make things better.

Now I just need to find some time to actually play the game.



So far I guess the only “major” issues I’ve had could be resolved with Fashionist and CharEditLite.
And all I’ve used in Fashionist so far was the mannequin to display armors.
I did have to uninstall them for troubleshooting but will eventually use them again.

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Having played a year and three months BEFORE the release in May of 2018, I would say the game has come a long way and after the release, I was very pleased with the changes. The thrall AI is 500% better (though not perfect) and that makes the game so much more enjoyable. The few things they need to get right are the Purge, its just ridiculous easy, and the nerfing of items after they have added them in game. They need some kind of QA on weapons/armor. Having 80% cold protect items, especially all of the new tank armor, is NOT rotating the hot/cold system. Even though I’ve purchased every single DLC, I don’t even make the armor from them. I refuse to run around the desert in heavy fur, or in the frozen north in Turian/Khitan/ etc. I would still pay to play this game.

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