For the love of Crom

Ok. So I have not been playing since the hardened steel changes. Everything is a chore. I get this is survival.
Lots of news about the thrall culling.

I used to log in to save my base. My work. My time spent hoping that things would get better.

I have supported your sub model for AOC. I did the Secret World. Name a game you put out. I supported it.

I am dissapointed. I wont hide it.

Conan exiles hammer edition was the knell for me. But then this. I know there are a lot of threads on this. I get it I’m duplicating.

I’m just saying. I’m bought all the DLCs and paid my cash.

I’m not sure the rationa of the dev team. but I think its time to let my hours of time disintigrate and my buildings decay.

Every game needs to evolve. And I get that there are reasons. Balance. Things. Reasons.

I’m sorry I can’t support you anymore. Its not change I hate or fear. But it’s change because of sub par design or equipment or hardware I can’t handle.

Love you much. You make great games.

Please just call me when your game is finished.


So much drama on these forums over this change. Normally I don’t see it at this level unless it’s an MMO and the devs decided to reduce the current FotM meta skill damage by 2%.

Well, I guess at least this time it’s a pretty significant change.

You do realize that those are essentially the only reasons to change things, right? Seems kind of odd to me to complain about changing something to address a problem in the original design. It’s like complaining that your windshield gets chipped on the gravel road in front of your house and then complaining even more when the city decides to pave it.

They’ve just been adding more and more grind ever since the Frozen North update. Good news, is that it’s not hard to undo, but it requires extensive modding. Working on that myself, and will be releasing tools to help others do the same in much less time than doing it all inside the devkit.

Honestly, the public servers are just not a good option. Vanilla CE holds no appeal to me. 60 cap, weak archery, super grindy to gather building materials, very low named thrall spawn rates, etc. Set up my own server, tweak settings, add some slick mods and I now have an incredibly enjoyable game.

My server is not open to the public, but there are plenty out there that are and as stated in the Thrall post, admins will be able to change thrall limits.

Does Funcom want us to move off official servers, to private servers? Probably. As long as we keep paying for DLCs, it makes their server expenses drop and that is good for business. The more profitable they become, the more potential for improvements to the game, or another great game in the future.

Let’s see how this new update rolls. I’m all for it.

The windshield analogy doesn’t work. The windshield is made correctly and does what it’s supposed to do including keeping the gravel out of the driver’s face…the gravel is a road hazard with acceptable risk and usually covered by good insurance and the driver can be assured his windshield will be repaired in a timely fashion.

If the game has design flaws, the same can not be said about the game. It just wasn’t made right in the first place and people paid good money with the assumption that the game was finished and working well. Then the people trusted the maker of the game to get things fixed in a timely fashion…and here we are 17 months later…

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Would you by half a shirt?

That being said. I have always supported FC. This is the first time I must say I have been dissappinted in their decision making. Change is one thing. I get the need.

However with all of thr changes.

Tier 4 thralls gone
Acid arrows
Crafting changes

Its just taken a direction I can’t follow. I cant the the only one. Entire fortresses are colapsing on my server.

Also. I mentioned the Hammer Meta. It’s bothersome because its all you see
Like the spear meta.

Meta used to mean “What was the best”.

Meta shouldn’t mean “Everything else is broken”

Hey @Hexsing

We’re sorry to see you go and hope you find what you’re looking for in your next gaming endeavors.
Should you decide to come revisit us in the future, we’d be happy to have you among us once again and hopefully you’ll find something new that will keep you engaged in our game.