My honest opinion on Conan Exiles and Review

I just got Conan Exiles last weekend and has been playing for about 25 hours in, the game has improved a lot but still feels like an early access game, movement can be pretty clunky and characters glitch out a lot, my customized character doesn’t seem much alive, it’s eyes never blink and he doesn’t turn his head to look at the environment like in Monster Hunter World, their body language is stiff as a statue.
Combat is pretty good to my surprise but certain weapons are easier and more fun than others, the bow sucks don’t touch the bow but the swords and hammers are awesome. The weather can be very realistic but certain areas lack this feel of extremely harsh weather, like there should be a time at night where the character freeze to death or gets a heat stroke but it’s alright.
The creatures are pretty disappointing, some of them look really cool but they lack special attacks and can’t really hit you, some can’t even track you down if you’re running away and there is a lack of memorable boss creatures that doesn’t feel generic, giant spiders are not that original just saying.

Okay, now to my favorite part of the game it’s the building which can be pretty tedious and time consuming but I like it, learning how to build a house for the first time really brought me that sense of accomplishment but the lack of resources in certain areas might keep you from building in the area that you really want which really sucks.

My final verdict for Conan Exiles is 5.5/10

Good game but needs a lot of improvements.