NPCs are very weak. Bosses die within 20 - 30 seconds

NPCs are very weak. Bosses die within 20 - 30 seconds. The world of Conan is not a threat. If such settings as they are now on official servers, this will be ridiculous. Every fight should be a test, not an arcade.

What do you call “bosses”?
Those chest guarding ones? Those arent a real threat, but I think it was stated during the last stream, that the devs are working on more attacks like aoe attacks for them.

I was also under the impression that everything is set to easy mode for EA & Bug Finding but will be hardened up for main release. I sure hope Im right about this.

They do need to be more varied in their attacks, I wouldn’t want it to mean I have to just hit them 100 times more.


You mean they die in seconds WITH ANY MELEE weapon… Try bows if you have waaay too much time to burn on them. Recommend using the bone dragon to that matter… but don’t forget to bring 600+ snake arrows with you and materials to repair your bow in the middle. or ~450+ razors.

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I need only one spear. The King of the Hills dies in 20 seconds, and the Sound of Besna is the same.

again with a MELEE weapon… and yeah spears are the most OP…
instead of range. which is strange… :smiley: But oh well please make me shoot 20000 arrows instead of 600 because melee weapons are too OP :smiley:

This is not the problem. The problem is that the bosses have little hp and very low damage, as well as slaves on official servers.

I know. SOME of them has a low health pool like the king scorpion. Not all though even a black rhino has waay too many hitpoints and it isn’t considered a worldboss.

But the issue with them is how uninteligent they are.
If they had a better AI and movement system they could give you challenge belive me.

I am playing on official as well. so I know how things are going there.
Playing “almost” solo gives you quite an adventure unless you are the guy at lvl60 with the latest and greatest legendary sets on you. In which case yes at that point game should be somewhat EZ.

The kinscourge slayer sends his reguards and challenges you on an actual server. Farewell. o/


There have been reports about those keykeepers not only having said 50% dropchance, but also taking 3 hours to kill them. I think that player said something about 3 hours. And I think it was said scorpion.

Originally I installed testlive again because of wanting to test that myself… instead I got lost looking for more neat places to build, getting purged on 6x difficulty, 30 min lenght, doubled purge-points-rate… OUCH!
And then I lost myself in getting creative… :confused:

Eh? But black rhino does give keys - thus he is considered some kind of boss. Not rhino king though.
(I dont want that one to stand near muriela… :skull:)

“There have been reports about those keykeepers not only having said 50% dropchance, but also taking 3 hours to kill them”

WUT? that would be insane… so would it be like what 9 hours with bows?

Anyway I didn’t have a clue that black rhinos drops keys nowadays. So thanx for the tip. But in that case why did they added a rhino king on the best place of the whole map? I mean that oasis in the middle of the desert is not just georgeous, it is close to the brimstone lake that t3-t4 thralls city and even to the lush forest up north.