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So how exactly do i escape the island? The 3 portals wont let me in until i “complete the tutorial”, and there isn’t a quest in the log. Completing journey steps doesn’t seem to help. the portal next to the first orc elite is locked. Even at reduced respawn the orc berserkers spawn in as I advance through their base. Im playing at 1.2x damage output and they are still tanky af for lvl 1. Do i really have to cut through 15 tier I.5/II fighters with wacky hit detection and try to bleed a boss out with stone knives before his friends respawn? Am i missing something or is it better to just go god mode 10x dmg just to get through this?

Edit: tried going at him with 10x and yea no his health isnt scaled to a “tutorial”. I must be missing something, it cant be this bad
Edit" Apparently there’s supposed to be a tutorial npc. I didn’t get one. So it’s bugged. or it’s some load order issue.

My guess is that you are either asking about Age of Conan (AoC), in which case you are in the wrong forum or you are talking about Age of Calamitous (the AoC mod) and should be asking about it on their discord.

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Considering the reference to orcs, I guess it’s about Calamitous.

So . welcome to the wrong forum :')

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