Why make an area stupidly difficult for solo

I would really like to be able to go to the unnamed city without needing a katana heavy spam just to kill the enemies im tired of agroing one enemy then while fighting and getting stagger locked cuz i can stagger with anything there and get 4 or 5 of them stagger locking me till im dead god forbid a boss undead gets agroed to me at the same time which also doesn’t stagger from anything i wanna run in kill some of them fight the bosses get wat ever they have and dip out without cheesing and using someone else’s build just to survive

So the other night I crawled up to the top of some ruins near the Spawning Pools. It was quiet on the server and I wanted to see what was different about this ruin that made it inaccessible without a good climb.

I fought skeletons. I jumped all over. Finally I came to a shadowy figure and BSHHHTT I had a hammer in my face. I’ve been playing this game forever. It continues to surprise, and I go with it. (Also: wear a gas mask, drop a gas orb, ignite when ghoul is in cloud.)


Or i could actually fight everything and not cheese it

get captain on supermeru give him 2handed sword or warhammer and heavy armor then you use healing arrows to support him if you are still low level i can kill all boss there in less that 2mins with my thrall having the sword of crom and me using adventurer sword i only stack the sunder effect and something use dagger to give bleed on dragon boss and the bat boss

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Capture the relic hunter thralls. They are right there in the unnamed city. Equip them with epic flawless heavy armor, and your best weapon.

They will out damage you 10x over. Thralls ARE your end game. So get a good one, and use it.

Also, FYI. Lifeblood Spear can be equipped on a thrall to heal it to full health in a couple seconds.

Also, FYI. Food buff on a thrall = damage buff for the thrall. So keep a stack of cooked meat on them.


sorry, i have to disagree… the unnamed city still is not hard, it is more of a challenge (or was not any more lol) but is not hard…

If you dodge (which you should be) nothing in their can stun lock you… I go in and solo the entire area no problems at all…

Thats not soloing

I literally spawn getting staggered by 3 or 4 skeletons pinning me on the ob cant move or do anything i go in with epic flawless armor and end game weapons doesn’t matter if you dodge cuz the hit box is broken and i get stagger locked and im not running in with a thrall cuz thats not soloing no enemy should be 100% resistant to stun unless its a large enemy like the dragon not a tiny skeleton that would have no weight behind it and light attacks should not stun someone in heavy armor to the point they are just standing there while the 5 skeletons that were hitting them before completely loading in the area

I have soloed the unnamed bosses by using multiple weapons with different status procs, proper attribute build and the right armor. If there are multiple skeletons and you aren’t clearing them first then you are causing the problem when you engage with a boss while they still roam around you. Dodging at the right times and knowing when you engage/disengage makes the fights very easy, just spamming hits while not moving or not taking advantage of combos will obviously get you killed as well.

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As others have said take a well equipped Thrall or Greater Pet.
Whilst this isn’t “soloing” it’s the solution to your problem.

Personally I manage to fight everything except the Serpent just fine solo, but can mange him with some hit and run.

Admittedly I do have the occasional issue with the regular skeletons stun locking but it’s manageable.

I recommend the Albino Bat if you’re struggling, it’s the easiest of the bosses as you can bleed and poison him, so some dodge work with daggers goes a long way.

While i do at times take a thrall I can do it no problem without one.

I never, NEVER, have issues with getting pinned at the ob… I spawn in no problem what so ever… If you are having issues like that try the ob just north of the city (right near salt lakes) and do it that way…

I also never have issues with the hit boxes on them either…

Unnamed city is NOT to hard… I actually prefer it being how it is now as before it was way to easy… not their is at least a challenge.

I can relate DeathFang. I am definitely not the best player in this game and I enjoy playing the way you do. I die a lot more now and honestly wish I could roll back the balance update myself. The thing is that this game was made with multiple players working together in mind. With the addition of the pets (which I don’t use either) made the game easier to defeat the mobs for solo players. It’s the way the game will probably stay as far as difficulty goes. You can either adapt or get better. The guys on this forum won’t show you much sympathy, they are the whole reason Funcom made the changes in the first place. Your welcome to vent your frustrations but there is not a bunch of folks on the forum complaining of the difficulty only praise for it.

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Thats what i said to him but he replied “that’s not soloing” xD

The game is balanced for multiplayer. That’s design, not a bug. If one wants to play solo, like I do, then one needs to accept that some things are simply too hard to defeat face-to-face, including some world bosses and some areas. I can’t simply walk into Mordor… I mean Mounds of the Dead and expect to survive a fair fight with a half-dozen angry Cimmerians. I can’t kick a Spider Queen’s butt on my own.

If you’re single-player, you can use the difficulty sliders in your Server Settings to make the game easier. If you play on PC, you can install a mod that reduces boss Hitpoints. If you’re playing on a multiplayer server but insist on surviving on your own, well, good luck to you, but don’t expect the game’s difficulty to be adjusted according to one player’s needs.


Agreed. I am another solo-but-online-official player, and there are (a few) things I just can’t do on my own.

Sounds like there are viable ways to “solo” this area, just not ways you are interested in doing. At that point shrug.

Because it will be stupidly easy to not solo. This is a multiplayer game. If you’re playing in singleplayer you can adjust the difficulty to suit your needs.

But as others said you can use a thrall. That’s no different then using a party in Balder’s Gate, Followers in Mass Effect, or Party Members in your choice of jRPG. Which are all singleplayer games.

Sorry to say but this is a bit of a ‘git gud’ situation. Not all content is meant for players of all skill levels. For example, some people just can’t get past 8-2 in Super Mario Bros.

Now I want to recruit Minsc and Boo, Garrus Vakarian, Agate Crosner and Fie Claussell into my party in Conan Exiles.

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Just as long as you can go for the eyes.


i dont agree with this, they made changes to make the game more balanced for the different areas, as you move up and around the map its meant to be more of a challenge.

The unnamed city is easier then the Mounds of the Dead now as it should be, I can not solo the Mounds of the Dead without being SUPER careful but I can still solo the Unamed City, except for the snake that still gives me problems (I can kill it just takes way to long)

I play on Offical PvE-C server btw…

Before the update areas like the unnamed city were super easy (as you all know) and was a waste of time going there… When the game first came out it was a challenge then they did some balances and it ended up going to easy so they have re-balanced it again.

No one asked them to make the unnamed city stupidly difficult.

If you are using the right gear you really should not be having any sort of issue in the city, as I said before to OP about spawning in being killed, try the ob at salt lake and just walk the short distance, though I dont have the same issue with the ob (no idea why i have just never spawned in being attacked but if I do ill just use the other ob)