Buff and Nerf bosses

Please make them less tanky , do more damage to thralls and add more damage go them in general people shouldn’t be able to solo a world boss.

this is just server settings if you join some private server you will see we have fixed this problem by reducing the damage out on player and increasing the boss as well as increasing the damage coming in to the player as well as the boss this does put an effect on the entire game and weapons being used do very on the strength.

Hi Leesin and welcome to our community. Unfortunately I am going to have to disagree that people shouldnt be able to solo World Bosses. The game has an Online/Offline Singleplayer mode, and people such as myself must be able to solo them in order to access Legendary Weapons. Offline Singleplayers should not be locked out of content or features. Furthermore, bringing down a World Boss, and often a regular boss in Singleplayer mode is not as easy as you may think. Even with Flawless Epic Armour and Telith weapons, I am still looking at 20-40 mins to bring one down alone. Not to mention the amount of healing resources I burn through in the process. So Im sorry, but this is a no from me.


Thanks for your reply by I disagree , as I beat the game in a week, i also play multiplayer pvp where it’s far to easy to get star metal to obtain steel legion to put on your thrall which then makes the game boring because you hit end game with in a matter if weeks.

I’m sorry, but none of those problems is related to world bosses or their difficulty. Star metal is barely relevant in a world where random Cimmerians drop epic heavy armor pieces and thralls can wield dragonbone weapons. Leveling up and collecting artifacts is also faster if you just ignore world bosses.

That said, I agree with Croms_Faithful. The game has a solo mode for a reason. Maybe we solo players aren’t as numerous as PVP or PVE multiplayers, but we still like to enjoy the game like the rest, and getting content-locked because we don’t want to play with other people wouldn’t be fair. (It’s a different situation in MMOs with no separate solo play mode - I can accept I can’t beat everything alone in an MMO.) Some world bosses are already pretty damn impossible to solo without a bow, a million arrows and a tall pole to sit on.


Being a solo and multiplay player I understand both sides of this debate. Currently playing in testlive pve EU and doing most activities solo I do agree that after getting that Volcano T4 fighter thrall and equipping him with Silent legion gear and a dragon bone spear I am soloing the red mother in a very short time.

What I do feel could be a solution that benefits everyone, solo or pve/pvp players alike would be to add a damned boss slider and npc slider in the server settings. Then only would I say YES make the standard settings more difficult and what not leaving it open for the individual to customize their experience.

If anything, the game desperately needs sliders and config options for bosses so you can play the singleplayer without cheesing like crazy or hitting level 60 before you can even approach a giant croc.

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I am playing SP with a mod that massively nerfs boss HP and it’s still a massive chore. I don’t want to do tedious cheese, I don’t want to spend two weeks trying to get to the gear tier which will allow me to have a high-level thrall to outfit with nutty gear.

I just end up plopping a bedroll next to the boss and just mindlessly mashing mouse2 as I die over and over. It’s not fun, it’s not immersive, it’s not balanced for single player in any meaningful way. A couple of sliders can solve that problem entirely, and let’s not pretend it can’t be done with sliders, because the mod that alters those values is a quarter of a magebyte.


Depends from the personality of each boss.

I don’t fully understand what a boss in this game is, but being a mere bullet sponge doesn’t satisfy my curiosity.

There are many forms, directions, levels and speed rates to gain a result we may call victory. Pummeling a colossal gloomy one-eyed dragonfly leviathan like a gunslinger maniac lichlady only involves a portion of what the variety holds.

You dont even need to hit lvl 60 all you need is spike walls and thralls, you can farm almost any world boss you want, thralls are good for the pvp aspect, the damage aspect against world bosses is rediculous, you don’t even need end game tier armor to do world bosses. They need to reduce hp and up the damage output from the bosses, all you need to do is run away and 1 aloe soup your back in the fight, and If you have a thrall, he tanks everything and does the job for you, how do people find this fun? I go out and fight the bosses 1 on 1 because its borring sitting there with a thrall that does everything for you.

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