Today In The Unnamed City

‪Got around to doing the Unnamed City and was enjoying it quite a bit. Discovered skeletons give corruption now, so that’s great. lol.
I ran into a glowing blue Wight boss and it took me over an hour to bring him down because I had to swing my axe and dodge out. Amd occasionally fight some skeletons I aggro’d because I kept running around. I had to admin in some cleansing brew ‬to clear some corruption after a while.
Used 41 Herbal Tea + Grilled Steak to heal back up my heath, trying to play the endurance game as I fought this boss. He was immune to bleed, and I regretted suggesting skeletons shouldn’t be affected by bleed. lol.
After it was over, I felt exhausted but rewarded with success and a Fragment of Power. Got another one from the Green Dragon in the area.
Got a sweet new skull and a Venom Infused Sword. Will have to get another FoP to make more skulls, and I know I can admin in the fragments, but I want to work for it. And I got a Corrupting Axe from the Wight boss. 60 damage after I added a damage kit. Twenty over my Cimmerian Axe.
Productive day, I’d say.


do not take this the wrong way but, not sure why it took you so long, i solo all the bosses in the unamed city all the time without much difficulty at all.

I do normally ignore the dragons as I get enough fragments from the others and by the time I have done a loop they are spawned back in again.

Do you take a Thrall with you at all? if not I would suggest taking a Snowhunter with you in Silent Legion armor and a Star Metal (or better) sword (if she stars with a sword once tamed) as well as a shield because they can block most attacks and temporarily stun the enemy :slight_smile:

Im loving the new stuff in the unnamed city though, sort of wish the skeles could still be stun locked… make it a little easier lol.

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Take a named dancer or one of Conan’s dancer III’s from the tavern in Seper’s.
Put em in flawless heavy armor and a starmetal or better weapon.
They fight well and you’ll have zero corruption to worry about.

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I sometimes have a thrall to help with gathering other thralls, and I do have one right now. But they don’t follow when I admin teleport even a short distance from my base. I know I can run there, but it’s less time consuming than admin teleport. lol. I play single player by the way. I do suppose I’ll have to use that till the bug is fixed.
I’m level fifty-eight right now, almost fifty-nine. Wanted to start another game with a new character. Been playing a while but I like trying new things.

You could admin in a map room wherever you are and teleport to the obelisk in the city. Thralls do follow through the map room.

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I’ll try that.

It didn’t work. Since the latest patch, it’s been an issue.

If the thralls won’t follow you thru a teleport, just built a little outpost by Unnamed City where you can park your thralls, dump your loot, and safely logout. That’s what my clan did. :slight_smile:

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