CtA: Unnamed City Changes Bugs and Feedback

Please report any issues and thoughts about the Unnamed City Changes in this thread.

Keeping the reports according to our guidelines for bug reporting will help us immensely by collecting and looking through your input.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

i like that changes, but if you can please add some easier way to get to knight boss, the one on something like roof, its rly problem get there

pls add names to them, for example as there were added glowing undead, i cant find out who is boss till i attacked all of them and new ui show me /btw i like that new ui, but could you add names above them, to know who i attack, ie there are few miniboses near gates, so at least something like gatekeeper

relic hunters, i relly like them. shame that i need to kill them for that fragments…, also could you add them some kind of outpost, simple tents fireplaces etc. to look more alive

hello everyone, first of all I want to thank Funcom for the ruin city update in TL, it is great to have a purpose to go there again,

about my first run in the “new” city, here are my thoughts:

one, the new boss are great, not too many hp, good loot,
scattered everywhere and not clustered in the same spot

two, it is good to see some wraiths there, but it is Strange that the old skeleton
are immune to stagger and not the wraiths…

three, about the lack of placeables in the treasure hunter spots in the city,
it’s understandable that no one could make camp or sleep in this city,
so if you Don’t add fire camp or sleeping bag etc, may be add
some treasure hunters camps outside the city ?

four, when I use the power fragment in the archivist’s room, the scroll
given seem to be random, is it indented?

finally, will there be a way to activate the map room in the archivist location with
fragment of power?

have a nice day !

map room should be independent of fragments, but as i read patch notes map room still werent done, but they postet that they are aware of that, also there isnt dragon in front of archive so maybe it was done to be able go there some day, and not just runing from dragon


We (the clan) love the changes in the unnamed city.

  • The skeletons that lie between the bones and stand up when you pass are a nice touch.
  • The bosses are nice (it will be the closest to fighting a Nazgul I’ll get)
    Don’t bring low level fighters, they will die (I tested)
  • The weapon and armor drops are fantastic, maybe a bit OP. We got a great one on every drop, not sure if this is intended, or just luck on our end.
  • The library scrolls are a nice addition for the people who like decorations.
    I’ve read that the drops are random and I like that.
    Makes it harder to ‘catch them all’
  • Not sure where it was, but at a certain point dozens of giant bats were looking at us from above, very creepy, very good ambiance.
  • Love the places all the praying skeletons.
    I don’t think anyone will be able to solo that boss (prove me wrong :wink:
  • I’ve read somewhere that people are asking to allow building in there. Please don’t. That would ruin the ambiance and being able to put down a bed would make it too easy.

Nice job on the changes, we’re loving it.


I’ve only fought five of the new named in the Unnamed City so far and I’m hoping these are early, not fleshed out versions as they all seemed generically alike and a bit too weak. Otherwise really like the changes.

Huh? I got no legendary from two bosses on the server and 3 from 12+ bosses.
I think you were lucky.


May be random, i got a legendary from the Set chest, otherwise no, not outside for the moment in the city.
Fought the relic hunters, so i think all depends. I went alone to the city, so they was fine to me. Sure if you go in groups they may seem weaker, again, all depends.

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I am liking the changes in the Unnamed City. I did a run through and fought some of the relic hunters, skeletons, skeletal serpentmen, and skeleton with a crown(?).

I need to go in with some clan members for more testing, but they kept me on my toes, which I like.

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Windows 10
EU3 Server PVE

Issue: Poison Arrow gas cloud not going where intended.

In the unnamed city, at the intersection between C/D & 5/6 at the top of the hill there is a bridge/road.
At the end of the road is a human boss (with his human minions beyond.)

When you shoot at him, and jump up on the ramp to take him out - if he happens to go on the outer right and side of the road, facing away from the boss’ orginal position, and he goes down the hill - your arrow will hit him square in the head, explode, but the gas will be off somewhere else.

So, I tried to do it on the opposite side of the road, up high, not the lowest part, not the highest either…
It was fine.

Tried to help someone else out, and as they hit him, the arrows did the same.
For me, it worked as I shot past him, and he would take damage from the cloud.

Sorry, did not think of getting screenshots at the time.

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While fighting Relic hunters and some skelibois in the city, i managed to position myself on a small platform near a wall where a column is attached to a wall. As the free-for-all waged between me the hunters and the skelibois some of the hunters got stuck and couldn’t move right on the corner of the column.

They were easy prey.

FunCom the new changes to the Unnamed city is such a refreshing and welcome change that i believe you will be hard pressed to find much negative talk about it. That being said, The hunters in the city are nice touch but if I’m not mistaken there is no Archer with them for ranged attacks. having one would add a bit more trepidation about approaching them head on.

The fragments of power have given some real purpose and making trips to the city now. It fascinates me the thing of all the different recipes one can obtain.

Really really nice touch, I love it.


I have to agree. Finding high level “treasure hunters” in the Unnamed City was a really cool idea. While I like the game loop of bosses and fragments of power and getting recipes was very nice, the addition of high level NPCs doing the same thing as players (treasure hunting) was really my favorite part. Well done, devs!

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Love the update to the Unnamed City, it does make it more worthwhile to enter and explore.

BUG: While fighting the undead mini-boss near the map room I noticed that it was doing almost no damage to my character. I remember during early access that there was a similar issue with undead little to no damage to characters.

Ohh, I love that recipes were added by trading fragments of power in the map room area. This does give the game and extra dimension and another reason to enter the Unnamed City. My only concern has already been mentioned as that the recipe scrolls seem to be random and could make getting some recipes extremely hard if there rarity is too small.

Please keep this idea of being able to get specific recipes through game play. Maybe in the future expand it to different city regions i.e. mounds of dead to trade… idk… some other dropped fragment of power and maybe use Braga as a place to trade them for recipes.

I like legendary weapons but its a love hate relationship as they break relatively fast and legendary repair kits are a pain to come by. Good job by adding them to the mini bosses, it will make the weapons something i may acctually start using.

anyhow good update all keep it up

Server: Singleplayer PvE

Issue: Incorrect description on Venom-Infused Daggers
Description: “A pike infused with venom”

Problem in the Description: The daggers are not a pike. Need to change “pike” to daggers or a set of blades or something more akin to Venom-Infused Daggers.

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Just some feedback after fighting the named a bit more today.

The red dragon is a worthy fight if toe to toe’d and not cheesed $

The undead knights are trivially easy to defeat using the katana charge attack. With a little practice I was able to beat them without using a single heal potion or piece of food. This didn’t work nearly as well on the bat demon and I didn’t try on the undead serpentmen, could never catch one up, or the dragons as it seemed very unlikely to be effective on them.

Someone else mentioned this and I’m unsure if it’s intended or not but getting duplicate recipes for turning in the fragments before you get them all is likely going to be very annoying for a lot of people.

Feedback: Duplicate Recipes

  1. Its disappointing (disheartening) to complete a boss fight and turn in a fragment of power for a recipe you already have.
  2. Duplicate recipes can be “used” (learned) even if you already know it. The extra recipe just vanishes. That should not happen. I would highly recommend making duplicate recipes ‘not’ disappear when learning them for a second or more time.
  3. I would recommend allowing players to turn in a previous recipe to regain their fragment of power.
    a. Can only be done by a recipe that player already knows
    b. Cannot be done over and over to prevent players from just turning in recipes until they get the ‘one’ they want



If the named that spawns in the spot shown in this screenshot is pulled with a bow he will quite often path into the wall to the south and get stuck in the corner to his southwest making him trivially easy to kill.

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@Bodin I agree with the duplicates. Out of 7 or 8 fragments, I got 3 unique recipes (I think). Was very disappointed. I suppose trading them might be an option and if so, probably great for multi-player. However, I can also imagine there are only so many unique recipes and it won’t take long to get them all. Probably like thralling, just one of those things that require grinding to get them all.

@funcom One thing I do not like at all is SILLY WEAPONS being added to the game. Battle spatula? What next, a giant candy cane pike next christmas? I absolutely hate when a serious themed game gets turned into a joke. PLEASE take out any silly content. Nobody bought this game to have it turn into something silly.

Sure, certain kitchen utensils may be wielded in an emergency, should you be in the kitchens when your castle is raided, but to give those items legendary stats? How can a spatula possibly do more damage than the most basic weapons?

My hope is that the devs tossed in some goofy things just as place holders for testing the new system and they will be replaced with serious weapons before this is released to the general live servers.


So, with that in mind, severed legs should also be removed, it’s very silly to wield them as weapon i would say !

Honestly, i think there is nothing wrong with a bit fun. Not to much of course. Is not if there was pink item, or sci-fi swords. And you have also more serious items, like the venom spike. It’s just a choice more, and some occasional fun.