New Unnamed City in Xel-Ha

Hey everyone, quick idea that occurred to me recently. I would love to see the ruins of Xel-ha in the swungle revamped to be like another unnamed city. Add in three skull bosses (Some of them ape themed) that drop fragments of power, hidden fragment chests, maybe relic treasure hunter mobs. It would also be cool if there was something like the library of esoteric artifacts but with more Lemurian themed items. I love these ruins and the art there, but honestly there’s very little reason to go and explore there, let alone return. I think this is a prefect place to add a counterpart to the unnamed city. Additionally it would be cool if they adjusted the witch queen damage to make her more difficult. If those lasers were faster and hit as hard as the rings in the wine cellar that would make the fight much more interesting.


I like everything in your suggestion, except this. Witch Queen is one of the few bosses for people who are still making their way up to level 60. I would leave her alone. For that matter, I think the game needs a few more bosses designed for different levels under 60, so that people can enjoy their leveling process even more.

Other than that, I absolutely adore your suggestion. The Unnamed City revamp was one of my favorite changes in the whole game and the City remains one of my favorite places on the whole map. Having some stuff like that at Xel-Ha would be fan-fricking-tastic!


This would be awesome. Same goes for Xulan. A few more bosses and a wider variety of mobs would be cool.


I definitely understand this and think you make a good point. The thing is, the way the game currently plays you really don’t stay a low level very long. So there is only a brief period of time where the Witch Queen remains a challenge. In any case I just felt like the witch queen was a missed opportunity, the last time I fought her. The mechanics are cool, they just aren’t difficult enough to be challenging. Perhaps if they made the laser damage be independent of armor and sped them up. Doesn’t change it much for a low level but would at least add a level of difficulty for a higher level.

In any case, they could keep her the same so long as Xel-Ha was revamped, I’d be happy.

Yeah, how great would it be if we had the unnamed city is the west, Xel-ha in the east and Xulan in the north. Xulan isn’t quite as big but there’s definitely potential there.

I would say there should be a different instance for each story boss, the story instance and the “public” instance which could be aimed for lvl 60 characters. The Witch Queen has one of the most unique boss fights in the game but it sucks that there isn’t much reason to play it again after the storyline quest


You and me, yeah. People who are new to the game stay there longer :wink:

And honestly, maybe even I wouldn’t rush leveling a new character if there was fun stuff to do at all levels…

That sounds quite fun!

There is also that black tower which was teased today.

Zeropoint this suggestion is one of the best I have read in sometime now; it is absolute gold! I completely agree, and have often thought something along similar lines myself. The current ‘problem’ with Xel-Ha is that it that there is just nothing of interest there aside from the Mask of the Witch Queen, and there is just no real incentive to return and explore there. The loot is fairly low level and the only mobs are primates and shoebills, which we can already find virtually anywhere in the Jungle biome.

I agree with you that it could use some one or three skulled bosses, human and beast alike. Perhaps some enhanced or undead apes, and I have long been an advocate of moving the the Green Dragon to the Jungle and giving him some unique loot of his own. I agree that it also needs some human enemy mobs too. I feel that the most thematically appropriate would be Lemurian Remnants (maybe create a Lemurian treasure seeker?) or Dagon Cultists. Although some Relic Hunters or Black Hand would also suffice. Add a few new/unique T4 thralls and Bobs your uncle. Also how about some unique recipes to learn some of the local placeables such as the butchers meat rack, burning skull torch and anvil.

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