Unnamed City Rework Comment

I love that the unnamed city has more things to do in it. I love the bosses and the relic hunters. However the glowing blue guys (can’t think of the name) don’t belong there. Your own lore says they haunt “The Mounds of the Dead”. It makes no sense and looks rather ridicules to have them in the city.

You should keep the boss but move it where it belongs.


I wouldn’t mind the glowing blue guys - it’s a city full of undead after all - but they drop the same Vanir stuff as their cousins to the north. It’s also weird that even though they’re obviously undead, and not just Nordheimers with phosphorescent body paint, they can be staggered. (Please don’t change this, though - it sucks to have to fight them around the Mounds already.)

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I would just make new ID for them, turn them ghostly lighting white/dark sand/black/purple? like corruption and give them new drops and leave them in City. XD

There out of place mostly do to blue glow(to me anyway)


On the contrary Howards lore is all that matters to Fredrik Malmberg who has the ultimate say over anything Funcom does. Funcoms tooltip is just wrong. Wights are not limited to the Mounds because they are summoned by anyone that partakes in Sorcery. The fact that they drop northern loot is a bit disgusting but I am positive they will fix the description and the loot table.

Spam Fredrik’s twitter about it and I’m am sure he will have a briefing asap about it. The dude is hard on keeping with lore. DOnt actually spam the man, he has enough to deal with lol

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I think around the mounds they’re ok. Blue or not, at least on the mounds there are more easy to spot in the dark.
But like said in previous post by @Kapoteeni, they shouldn’t drop same stuff as in the north.

They should simply be adjusted for the unnamed city, like you said, making them pale, with different stuff would be perfect to most.


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