Unnamed City Drops Nerfed hard?

I havent come across any posts recently from this topic, however, why has Unnamed been so massively nerfed for drops?

Servers being 800+ days old, imo, are not the time to be drastically modifying loot tables lol.
Loot tables should be changed upon an upcoming wipe as you are drastically penalizing players joining new servers. (Compared to people vaulting tons and tons of high tier weapons items…)

Thoughts? Does anyone else agree? I’ve noticed a drastic difference over the last 1 month or so.
Was this mentioned in any form of patch notes?

Curious to hear from the public

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Well in the past 3 week i got 3 sword of Croms and a bunch of nightstalkers mask, predatory blades, reach and breath of the red mother and a few others managed to get similar result mostly sound like a lack of luck on your side. :slight_smile:

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Eee what? I did a run the other day (one round) and got 2 legendaries.

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Prior to noticing this, within a few hours, we’d be seeing multiple higher tiers drop (Drunkards, Nightstalkers, Preds, Final Breath).

I noticed this on a previous server, farmed approx 90 Frags in a row - came out with 1 Pred, a few low tiers (Heated Argument) and a significant amount of legendary armors.

2 Nights ago, 87 Frags farmed over a few hours, same result. Approx 5-6 pieces of Legendary armor, 1 Pred and pretty much all Patch Kits, Legendary Repairs and Fragments along with low tier Stone, Steel Tools etc.

Tonight, 95 Fragments farmed, pretty much same result. 3 Predator Blades, Legendary Repair kits, Patch Kits, 1 Red mother bow, 2x Heated Arguments.

Yea, can be bad luck for sure but, it sure seemed like a change on loot tables prior to noticing this in my opinion. We used to farm a signifcant amount of Croms, Drunkards, Preds. Majority of the time its Frags w/ Repair/Patches now. Multiple people are mentioning this too so I doubt its just me. :stuck_out_tongue: (Multiple servers)

I looked in the DevKit and I don’t see any changes in the loot tables. The numbers seem the same. :woman_shrugging:


I thought the same thing at first when i got a bunch of unlucky run then i got a lot of legendary items.

With what he described as his farming sessions he might actually put more hours than me xD.

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Sword of crom now drop a lot, in past it was very rare, 300 kills average to get a sword of crom, now it is may be 40 kills, i even got three sword of crom the same day, 30 boss kills

I’ve been farming unnamed city for days I’ve killed all bosses at least 25+, not once so far i got a drop, other than fragments and repair kits

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With all the sessions I’ve done, farming non-stop, (in sessions of 3-4 hours) lol, I’d say your drops were just pure luck.

With over 450 Bosses killed, I’ve secured 1 Sword of Crom to date lol.

Agreed, I did 40 Bosses today for fun, I was able to secure a few Legendary armor pieces (3), 1 Predator blade and 1 Shank (Same boss…)

Again, I can be super unlucky, but this is far proving they’ve modified and nerfed.
450 Bosses - 1 Sword of Crom, 1 Nightstalker Masks, 5 Predator Blades, 2 Red Mother Bows, 1 Blue Torch for higher tier loot.
15-20 Armor pieces, and perhaps 15 Heated arguments…

Interesting. However, Patch Kits and Legendaries repairs werent a solid drop 100% of the time so somethings been changed. There is a significant difference from farming 1+ (perhaps 2?) month ago until now.

Are you sure? I am fairly certain that having a fragment and at least a legendary kit (weapon or armor) has been the norm for a while now. Are you playing on a modded server?

ye im getting a fragment at every drop and here and there a repair kit, i do believe it’s only 2% drop rate for legendary

Since the Unnamed City bosses were introduced, I always got a kit and a fragment from each.

The legendary item rate seems to vary, but subjective impressions are always deceptive when it comes to probabilities, especially when the percentage is ridiculously low.

This is why I keep grumbling against the slot machine game mechanics. RNG is the cheapest solution.

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On my solo challenge, I quickly came to dislike my usual UC frag farming loop and instead farmed the Red Mother and Bat boss exclusively due to the ability to stack poison & bleed from horseback. The undead bosses took so long to kill solo that I didn’t feel it wasn’t worth the extra effort & healing items. The “fleshies”, however, just keep swiping them with venom infused axe or spear as you zip past them. Minimal healing required, and very little durability loss on the weapons.

i got 7 sword of crom in 6 days after last patch, not only luck, drop has increased for sure, believe me i farm unammed city for 15 months,prior to this patch it was 3 months to get one

Oh, I see, we’re using facts now.

But, what about my feeling?


It is.

But it prevents players or clans camping an area to prevent other players or clans from completing hat is, at times, a required step in the game.

For the 18ish hours I played EO, I was stuck because someone had decided to camp a quest point and I could not move forward. RNG prevents this.

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The devkit does make for some interesting arguments.

Like telling people that stacked foundations causes no more lag than using pillars or walls. There are some people that believe stacking foundations causes more server issues than using a pillar, four walls, and a ceiling tile to do the same thing. That six building pieces used to simulate a foundation causes LESS lag than a foundation.

When you look in the devkit, you see the only difference between foundations and pillars is the connection points, model, and texture.

Same thing with drop rates, those are all viewable.

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That’s why I said it’s the cheapest solution. Other solutions require more careful design than just “make it random with low probability”.

Sure, but again, it’s not the only way to prevent it, just the cheapest.

Interestingly enough, there’s another thread I’m following, where people are currently discussing the lack of in-game motivation for conflict between players. I feel it ties into this.