Unnamed City drops

OK are the Sword of Crom/Lying bastard sword/Lifeblood still on the loot table? I have killed enumerable skeleton bosses and Red Momma and have yet to see any of the above mentioned drop keep getting junk weapons like siege and a corruption sword and a few wight blades but majority is nothing but junk.

Also haven’t seen any of the helms like the night vision/sandstorm(commanders) or the 5 cold resist helms drop at all. IF they are on loot table they need to be upped on drop rates or pull the crap out of the table.

I did get a commanders helm last night so it is still there and on Momma dragon got a cold resist reptile helm and a bow 30 30 just askin if anyone seen lifeblood or lyingbastard sword off skellies.

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Just to confirm, your question is about the current drop rates on TestLive?

Yes that is on testlive I am asking about.

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