Unnamed City Skeleton Boss Drops

So I went for a run through the unnamed city - first time in a couple of months. The wraith, hammer, and short sword skeleton dropped no legendaries. The Abomination dropped the helm of the brute. Was there a change or nerf to what drops for the skeletons linked to the Sword of Crom loot table? I’ve never seen one of these bosses not drop anything, let alone 3 in a row. Anybody else experiencing this or is there some bug out there right now I don’t know about?

Drop rates seem about the same to me, been farming for a new Sword of Crom since mine has the old kit, been getting jack. Seems about right.

Yeah, I mean, there are no legendary drops what-so-ever. I’m getting normal stuff like steel, leather, whatever, and a shard, but no legendary item off of the skeleton bosses. Are you getting legendary drops since the last patch? That’s what I’m wondering.

The things I remember getting since the last patch: Festering One, Predatory Blade and the Last Breath of Red Mother. I might have gotten some other stuff too that I don’t remember.

Drop rates seem more or less the same.

Just RNG

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Let me reverse the question, have you ever not had a legendary drop off a skeleton boss, because out of the 700+ runs bosses I’ve killed, I’ve never not had a legendary of some sort drop. That would pretty extraordinary if it wasn’t guaranteed and did for 700+ times in row.

I have killed many of the bosses with no legendary, probably not 700+ in a row but many.

All the time. Why do you think I hate the RNG so much? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made well over 700 UC runs starting from the obelisk and working every boss westward, including the watcher and the brute and have never had any of those bosses consistently drop a legendary. Most of those runs dropped nothing of interest, really. Are we talking about the same thing, red mother, gravewalker, etc.?

Under Loot by Boss in this page …


Also, are you modded?



Those are the ones, though I usually skip the bat demon. Get a legendary around 1/20 or maybe 1/10 the time.

I think I was having a confirmation bias moment - last time I ran this, I ran it until I got a maelstrom which took about 3 weeks of constantly running it. Had my route and timing down for maximum efficiency. I remember getting a lot of garbage legendaries which I picked up anyways. I can account for shards but not for legendaries i have in storage. So I definitely did not pick up a lengendary on every kill, but I can’t for the life of me remember not picking up a legendary on every kill. I think running this place as much as I did at one time melted some part of my brain. Apologizing for a dumb post. Thx everyone for responding and helping me come to the right conclusion here.


I had several runs with 0 legendary drops, on the other hand there would be (very rare) runs where every single kill had a legendary drop.

As for Crom sword:
Was hoping to get one for many months ever since I lost the only one I ever got. Loads of other stuff but without Croms blessing. Then, roughly 2 weeks ago I got 2 in a span of 15min. (on official PVE)

All hail RNG. :grinning:

Don’t skip “bat day”. Seriously, the bat and red mother are the two I always hit, if I don’t have time to run the whole of UC. Red because there are certain things only she drops and the bat is very profitable for me. The last two runs, I picked up another underwater spear and set of vermin armor. I was lucky, but I say prayers to RNGesus before bed each night.

Overall, after the patch, I see no difference. Some runs are nothing. I probably average an item every two sweeps of the city.

3 runs, 1 Crom, 1 Other and one Other. Red mother never gives me anything only a leg rep. kit I can make myself.

u shouldnt complain, u got a crom dude!

Run the City on Saturday as was doing a game restart yesterday, so for fun I ran it got not one single Fragment , worst run ever. In almost 2000 of play never found the sword of Crom once, I am not sure it really exists to be honest.

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