Unnamed City Drop Rate?

Is it just my imagination that the drop rate in the Unnamed City has been significantly reduced? It sure seems to me that it has. I run the city fairly regularly and now just about the only things I get are fragments and repair kits.

And for things like the Quivering Arrows? Forget about it. They never were common, but you could at least get enough to use in special situations. Now it’s been over a month since I’ve seen any.

Yeah, I know drop rates are based on an RNG, and maybe I’ve just had some bad luck, but it looks to me that the entire RNG range has been reduced.


Well … we got 225 Quivering Arrows within the last week. Without even farming the unnamed city too much

Wow! It’s been ages since I’ve had gotten any.

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I guess it’s just about good/bad luck then. If you keep trying, you’ll get them eventually.
Just so that I’m not mistaking, the Quivering Arrows are the ones with 40 Damage, aren’t they?

Was farming UC a litte bit yesterday and my route was usually: Serpentman-Brute, Red-Mother, Guardian of the Flame and then the Commander.

Killed Red mother in total 10times.
First 3 kills = no drop. On the 4th I got another God-eye. On the 5th 10x fang of the Red Mother. 6,7,8 was again nothing and #9 was the Final breath of the Red Mother (torch) and #10 was again 10xfang.

At least the other things gave me good things. Got Sword of Crom and Predatory Blade (#3). The Snake with its legendary chest gave me Papyrus blade and pike of the black dragon (#9)…

And finally I got that damn Ghast-sword :smiley:

Still need to get a Mealstrom, Black Tusk Shield and Lying bastard sword (+ some other armor parts).

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For how long did you farm?

Was one evening… So around 20-21 until ~1:30. But with some breaks between (eating and other stuff).

So … about 4-5 hours?

Yeah… But was a lucky day :smiley: Will probably farm again tonight, after the purge will come…

Okay. I’d love to do the same but I’ll have to farm hide :frowning:

Ran the city on Sunday to push a purge. I killed all 7 bosses 4 times each, and the Serpent dude 5 times. I will start at the western entrance and go counter clockwise (After each run I drop my stuff at my western base). The first run through, everybody dropped something except Hammer Boy.

1 Lifeblood
2 Riptide
4 Commander’s Chestplate
2 Silk shirts
1 Silk Pants
2 Predatory Blades
2 Scorpion helms
1 Scorpion chest plate
1 Sword of Crom

That’s better than 50% on 29 kills, and it’s better than I’ve seen in a while.

That Lifeblood drop hurts. Should have been anything else…

But yeah, droprate seems fine. Sometimes you get nothing and sometimes quite enough…

The lying bastard sword has a drop rate of 1%.

By now, I’ve got 1300 Power Fragments and only 2x the Bastard Sword through farm of enemies.

I wish you the best of luck to get it.
My clan member got it today.


Might be very lucky, but got 2 in like 20 mins, did like 4 runs, and got the two from the first skeleton, the one with many mini.skeletons.

Also after that, a clan mate kept farming and got another one, so i guess it was the luckiest time of our lives

Dammmnn… I should have farmed UC yesterday… But was busy with Black Hands :smiley: Will farm again tonight… Hopefully for that sword or the bow from the Red mother… :slight_smile:

Do ya play on an official server or a private?

official pvp server ps4, it was actuallly a not very populated server that we have for the fun and stuff, so might be some kind of reason?

on our principal we dont farm as much because is not that safe on a crowded server, but i already have one lying bastard. And its not been even 2 months since we started on this one

I also play on an official PvE.
Then you were really lucky.
On a private server I would rather have expected that the sword gets twice as fast.

3 lying bastards in like half an hour between two guys, dont think it will happen again yeah.

We even got another one from a poor guy on heavy armor the same day on the afternoon, so not a bad day.

I guess I was pretty lucky then. Got it within 25 fragments