Testlive Patch Notes (22.02.2019): VOIP changes and other things

Hey folks! We have a new patch out for the Testlive branch with several Purge and UI fixes, as well as several quality of life improvements.

Be sure to also read the Call to Arms post to see how you can be entered into a raffle for a chance to be the lucky recipient of one of 500 Atlantean Swords.

Please use this dedicated threads to report issues, bugs and feedback with this new Patch.


New and Improved VOIP
With this Testlive patch we’re rolling out our new and improved VOIP system, which should make using in-game voice chat significantly better. We hope our roleplaying community enjoys these improvements. Please test this new feature and provide us with as much detailed feedback as you can.

If you have distortion issues when talking with other players then reduce “Voice Chat” setting in audio settings to less than 80%".

Unnamed City Revamp

As detailed during our previous Conan Exiles stream, we’re revamping the Unnamed City area to provide more loot and more challenge to players. This includes adding in 8 new named bosses, several minibosses, legendary armor pieces, new legendary weapons.

Bosses in the Unnamed City will also drop Fragments of Power, special items you can exchange somewhere in the Unnamed City.

The idea is to make the Unnamed City more challenging and enjoyable to play, and to give players a reason to travel to the city for loot and other goodies.

Currently Known Issues

  • First selecting “Female” at character creation and then slecting “Head Options”, “Face Details” or “Finalize Character” might move the camera past the player avatar, making it impossible to see your character
  • Selecting “Male” at character creation might render your avatar invisible when browsing the “Face”, “Hair” and “Facial Hair” options.
  • The new special health-bars have a lower vertical offset than intended.
  • VoIP from other players can sound distorted unless you set your Voice chat and/or master volume to 80% or less
  • After putting down a placeable, the item persists. Current workaround is to climb to remove this. It will be fixed



  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to gain unlimited oxygen
  • Fixed an issue where fire created by a combination of orbs would damage players on unintended situations
  • Fixed an issue where players could walk underwater


  • Thralls no longer use the hunger system to keep them alive. Instead, their life is terminated once a member of the clan to which they belong to has not logged into the game for two weeks (official servers). This is tied to the server setting for maximum decay time. Thralls still do gain buffs from eating food
  • New Crafting station : Dismantling bench. This bench allows you to dismantle placeables, building pieces, weapons and armors
  • For modders - there is now new configurators for CraftingQueue components: CraftTimeMultiplier and CraftResultMultiplier. CraftTimeMultiplier allows you control base crafting-time per station instead of/in addition to thralls. CraftResultMultiplier multiplies the output of the crafting stations (as the name implies)
  • Added user interface to let players rate servers. This is currently non-functional, but will be activated in a future patch.
  • A tombstone appears now on your death, marking the spot in which you died and making it easier to retrieve your inventory.
  • Added a new set of health-bars to differentiate elite and boss enemies from the rest


  • Ghamm the Worn has remembered his cultural legacy and can now craft the Zamorian Dancer outfit recipes
  • Increased visual varitety for named thralls slightly
  • Some spiced and salted meats were not correctly assigned to the Specialist Cooking recipes, this is now fixed.
  • Flawless Zingaran Freebooter Armor is now available from the correct thralls
  • Rhino pets should no longer be lured by the Rhino lure
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would stop using combos or use incomplete combos


  • Fixed an issue where certain Fence Foundations would clip through Yamatai Wedge Foundation
  • Building and item information is now displayed underwater when pointed at with Repair Hammer
  • Removed the destructible mesh from the Improved Firebowl cauldron
  • Gateways can no longer be attached to each other without the need of a foundation
  • Fixed an issue where fences, crenelated walls and hatch-frames could not be attached to ramps
  • Stability requirement for Right/Left sloping Inverted walls are now the same as before (20 as opposed to 25)


  • Fixes issue where slider for purge score required for purge had an unreasonable scale
  • The Purge server setting for "How many times per day" has been replaced with a server setting for delay between Purges
  • After the purge preparation warning has been shown there should now be a UI element counting down on the main screen UI so people that log in don’t miss the warning, and also as a reminder
  • Hovering over the Purge meter in the inventory view now displays a tool-tip that clarifies the function
  • Fixed an issue where the Purge meter would not fill if the player has no buildings, causing confusion


  • Increased the effect of Flexibility kits on armors


  • Unconscious NPCs should no longer be dragged underneath the floor of elevators
  • It is now possible to navigate through Admin Panel while using controller or keyboard
  • Server Browser list now has a new column showing average active players
  • It should now be possible to quick loot items in Containers while swimming or treading in a water
  • It is now possible to move items from Radial menu to Inventory if sort by Name or Heaviest First filters are toggled on
  • The crafting inventory for players and crafting stations have been reordered. It should now be much easier to find recipes there.


  • Sanctuary of Mitra no longer has misaligned flames
  • Standing torches near the Wardtowers now generate light
  • Removing an animal from an Animal Pen should now interrupt crafting queue if Dung is being crafted
  • First changes made in "Keybindings" tab are now saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to have an active placement brush while the character held a weapon
  • The "Freeze Time" and "Freeze Sky" in the Admin Panel now works as intended in COOP
  • The journey step “Store goods” now correctly triggers when putting items into crates and cupboards as well as storage chests
  • Some epic armors did not trigger the “Equip an epic armor” journey step. This is now fixed.
  • Added some missing foods as fuel to the Wheel of Pain
  • The Large Water well can now be used to fill up water containers correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the placement brush for building pieces would rotate while other players nearby were building
  • The Derketo Dancer outfit is now more pleasing to look at.


  • Loot bag no longer needs double pressing of interaction button to open
  • Fixed an issue with Experience points display lag when switching tabs
  • Nudity option should no longer display a blank bar as default
  • Fixed an issue where strings in languages other than English would get cut off in the Admin Panel
  • It is now possible to navigate to the "Report Official Server" button by using arrow keys
  • Fixed an issue where many sliders did not display numbers correctly with certain language options or if the number was large
  • Fixed an issue where status effects of the player were visible in the inventory of other players that were unconscious
  • Uppercase accents cut off in Menus should no longer be cut off in other languages than English
  • Death message for bleeding no longer claims it was poison
  • Character creation now has consistent gender options ordering
  • Fixed an issue where "too many buffs to display" dots would show up for thralls even if they had 0 buffs
  • The temperature bar no longer clips with the temperature indicators border
  • "Disable Subtitles" option now works correctly
  • “You cannot perform this action underwater” text is now properly aligned in Radial Menu
  • “ADD MARKER” pop up is now dismissed after invoking Pause Menu
  • Loot Bag preview no longer misses an icon if the only item left inside occupies any other slot than the first one
  • Fixed an issue where items in radial menu would sometimes display as having Heat Protection II or Cold Protection II
  • Admin’s Panel “Kill all Spawned NPC’s” button can now properly be highlighted after pressing down when the “+++Health” button is selected
  • It is now possible to opt out from seeing clan members on the map through a server setting
  • Unknown Journey steps should no longer be described as "Chapter I"
  • Corruption on stamina meter is now updated correctly while climbing
  • It is now possible to dismiss carousel menu after pressing enter while any tab of the said menu is evoked
  • For inventories that have a limit of less than 5 items, the accurate amount of slots are now shown instead of the default 5
  • Radial Menu no longer appears briefly at the end of an Avatar Summoning
  • Items description is now displayed when the User highlights any item within Thrall’s inventory
  • Message of the Day is now displayed with line breaks
  • Player’s level in Clan Roster should now update immediately when levelling up
  • Icons of crafted items are now visible in radial menu if it is evoked during crafting process
  • Fixed a number of visual and functional imperfections in the GUI such as text overlaps, default selections, missing brackets, and other minor details
  • Keyboard and controller bindings placements are no longer mixed up in Keybindings tab
  • Fixed an issue where the Acheronian Tools were not present in the Survival tab for feats.
  • All pets should now correctly display name plates
  • Fixed an issue where the Quickbar would disappear after opening the map


  • Fixed an issue where one of the Khitan armor sets would produce the wrong sound when moving
  • Fixed an issue where Yamatai building pieces did not have destruction sounds
  • Darfari Wind-Chimes should now make sounds

Hi guys. The last patch for xbox one, left the 3 darfari camps around the area of ​​the giant scorpion boss, in desert, empty. There is only the loot of the chests.I am at level 60, and can no longer redistribute my points of attributes and knowledge😭

The voice is very clear and stable, but in a group of people it can be hard to know who is speaking Could you make the new voice icon over the one who is speaking a little more clear and responsive. Once someone start speaking the name and icon should be pop up and stay there (and longer distance) . If you add lip movement at a later point I would love lf there was a option to remove the microphone icon above people speaking from the settings(also while you’re at it, an option to remove steam name from nameplates) :smile: Great job overall on the improvements.

Edit: The icon was a bit more present in the begining, but stopped showing up after a while making it hard to know who was speaking. I think nameplates needs to be looked at again overall, because sometimes the nameplates on players and npc’s act wonky and won’t show up until you get super close. If the default nameplate distance was further it would be great.

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You all decided to take up one of my suggestions! :slight_smile: Thankyou all, Im very humbled and Im sure it will serve us well.

For a moment there I thought this was referring to the Derketo Acolyte armour. I thought holy mackrel, its already very pleasing to look at! Then I remembered what it actually was. Considering I had a set previously and discardad it because I found it aesthetically unpleasing, Im excited to see this.


Thanks for the fixes and improvements Jens. And Im sure I speak for most of us when I say I am really looking foward to the improvements on the Unnamed City.

I absolutely love the count-down timer to the beginning of the Purge and during the Purge Re-Grouping.

Move the notification and timer to the top/center of the screen.

Add a timer that shows time remaining the in the Active Purge.

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It is in the patch notes, but the placable image not going away after placing is confusing a lot of players. Just an FYI.

I really like the new health bars for higher difficulty NPCs and creatures.

I really like the extra loot drops! This feels much more appropriate than before. However, I think there might be a bug, but haven’t duplicated yet to confirm: Picked up an iron sword from starter area NPC. I died and when I looted my corpse, that sword was gone and I had an extra stone sword in my inventory. I don’t know if the iron sword converted to stone, or I’d already picked up the extra stone sword and the iron one simply vanished.

I hadn’t considered this interpretation. Definitely needs clarification for sure.

What I THINK they meant is “if no member of a clan, to which the Thrall is a part of said clan as a whole, logs in for two weeks then it’s life will be terminated.”

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but once you join a clan, don’t all Thralls transfer into the clan? And everybody can access and use each others Thralls? Because if that’s the case, then my interpretation I believe would be correct.


I also interpreted it as if NO member of a clan logs in for two weeks.

The current hunger system in fact DOES NOT work. I know plenty of areas where the entire base has decayed and disappeared yet there are still dozens of thralls standing on the ground or floating in the air still alive for weeks after the base completely disappeared because they were loaded up with food. This is a big problem in PvE where players cannot kill the thralls.

I would like to see this updated system also applied to pets.

I kind of assumed they also meant pets, but further clarification would certainly help.

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To clarify:
Both pets and thralls use a similar system to the decay system now. There is no additional hunger system for upkeep. Like with buildings, in a clan, only one member is necessary to check in on the pets or thralls to refresh their decay timer.

Thanks for all your input so far everyone. Please remember to use the focus threads for feedback and bugs. Especially feedback about the new npc camps, difficulty or anything else regarding npcs and fighting them should go into the balancing feedback :slight_smile:


Tascha, could you tell us if this update will be included in the next update which goes to Live?

Also - love Unnamed City revamp although I can not find a place to trade Fragments of Power :smiley:

It depends on how many bugs we find and need to fix. Theoretically it would be possible.

However, I would say most likely not. What will most probably happen is that the older TestLive build, that is ready to go to Live (besides the building issues we have to fix), will go to Live as planned and this current build you guys and girls are testing now, will need a bit more testing and adjustments.

The good thing is though that we gain a bit of time with testing this build already while we finalize the one going to Live next :slight_smile:


The reward system from NPCs and camp is improved i like it, and NPCs are not 100% of the time stunlocked but still quite easy to fight them. Overall i like what i see.

I ran into a low level starter river T2 fighter with a shield. That girl knew how to use her shield. Kept blocking my attacks and I honestly was wondering if one of the devs was there messing with me. Never encountered an NPC with that much desire to live.


Already loved it when it was described in the stream. Hopefully the items wont be too OP?

But how often do thralls eat now… or is only the decrease of health negated?

uhh nice!

Thank you!
“Hidden” Maprooms were nice, but not in trade for unknown vaults…

Interesting Change!

Reintroducing endless climbing again? (You know, climber gear with those plus any light armor for head, chest and leg piece with those kits.)
I do like this. It creates a lot more proper hiding places… (humming it’s raining men…! (from trees, cliffs and so on during nighttime))

Thank you!

Now I am curious!

Small one, like it though!

ohh… when to check these out… too many possibilites… aww.

I was attacked by some random named npc with full medium armor roaming around down at the noob river while leveling and that was really cool. More of that please, she had that new flashy healthbar. A nice surprise :slight_smile:

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Seems like the US3 PVE TESTLIVE server was wiped?

I logged in on Wednesday and did some improvements to my two bases. Tamed a couple thralls. Made sure there was food. That was three days ago.

When I tried to log in this morning all it gives me is the character select.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to test the changes and share your thoughts. Please remember to post your feedback in the focused sticky threads. :slight_smile:

Testlive servers will be wiped periodically as they are meant to be used by us as needed. In this case there are balance and progression changes that made us wipe characters so we can get input on leveling progression. We always do let you know if that happens. Make sure to keep an eye on the News and Announcement section of the forum. :slight_smile:

No information on the area being a no build zone. (In starting desert at the spawnpoint. Yes, I was lazy.)

Bug …or feature?
“Lying bastard sword” behaves like a onehanded axe but neighter allows throwing axes nor shields in offhand. Claims to be from the city.
May be a feature instead of a bug, I am posting anyway.
It neither can be reduced to materials in the new recycling bench.

I used up the last half hour to get a grip of the bosses locations.
You were lazy, but in a good way, as the red dragon seem to have become a mini boss now. I do like it. I was super unlucky as only one single legendary dropped. I do wonder about these heart and what to do with these fragments of power, but… well…
Edit: Just ate one of the hearts… It erases all corruption. Neat :stuck_out_tongue: