CtA: Balancing/Progression bug and Feedback Thread

Please report any issues and share your feedback and thoughts regarding Balancing and Progression Changes in this thread. This includes, for example, NPC difficulties/challenge levels.

Keeping the reports according to our guidelines for bug reporting will help us immensely by collecting and looking through your input.

Thank you! :slight_smile:



In general some items seem to drop far more often than they should. This may be due to the increased harvest settings but it seemed excessive regardless so I wanted to mention it. Some examples are seven volatile glands from one red imp in the newbie area, over 100 hides from three human npcs with a iron skinning knife and while I like the new armor sets that drop from npcs there is really a lot of it. Quite often even two pieces from one npc. Takes the novelty out of it very fast as you’ll have multiple sets in almost no time.

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5x harvest rates will do that.


Faction loot:
I don’t mind that each faction drop their own armors (darfari dropping darfari armor, black hand dropping black hand armor etc) but it does take away a bit of the excitement of what’s gonna drop and make it predictable, if you can spice up the loot tables for all the npc tribes/factions to have a rare chance of dropping other randoms weapon/armor pieces it would give the loot a bit more excitement.

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All servers and singleplayer: Nameplates
Nameplates are very inconsistent, sometimes the npc name don’t show up at all, sometime you need to be very close, sometimes when you lock on it won’t show. Very frustrating when trying to find certain thralls, but you can’t see what they are because nameplates are unreliable.


I like the fact that they are now dropping some of their gear. It makes it more realistic.
Having them drop it all would be a bit OP.

One thing I noticed that rather often they drop 2 pairs of trousers.
That kinda breaks the immersion.
“Did this dude have a spare pair of pants in case he crap his first pair?”


that’s happens when you push the harvest rate, unfortunately. Like 3 severed legs from 1 npc. :smile:


I like the sound of that would give appearance that they are either trading or raiding other factions.

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IF dragons are meant to be soloable, they need to get their stun immunity lowered.
This applies to all mini bosses in the city I think.
Relichunters being immune to stun/staggering seems to be the worst when it comes to that.

So I turned ultra brave when killing them.
I got myself a bow and shot poison aoe arrows… :woozy_face:

They arent too hard to do when having a companion with some actual brain.
(thralls tend to be in the way…)
But soloing? Mh… Maybe when healing up while blocking?
But still. Both with light and medium armor the incoming damage is too much to handle. I am not one to like heavy armor, but I guess that would allow for this amazingly stupid hit trading “strategy”. As both the relic hunters and the undead ones just keep doing their usual attacks rather swiftly with almost no weak spots during the animation.

But if this is supposed to be duo+ content, it’s fair enough.
Certain people WILL fuel the flames though… (Arguing they should be able to do everything in solo on their own… I do agree with that tbh and would like boss-sliders.)

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Some else matter:
The new, poisoning weapons.

I can see daggers, spear and maybe the twohanded sword being used. For rare creatures like myself even one of the one handed ones in combo with eighter shield or throwing axe. (Me sword+throwing axe)
However… The poison alone wont deliver a reason for the low damage on weapons which get chosen for their high damage, often traded for lower defensive abilities…

And while saying this, it’s also true, that in a dumb trade of hits, the daggers are plain OP.
Whomever isnt running along with 40 survival or a crapton of antidotes is simply doomed.
Then again, I am speaking of trading hits. People dont do that in pvp, so daggers may be fine…

Daggers -> 1 damage. Also correct the number of poison stacks being added with a single hit. I reach 10 stacks of poison by the time of reaching 6-7 bleeds… Something seems to be wrong?
Other weapons -> starmetal values.

Starmetal is weaker than highend weapons anyway, so it should be okay. Also having to grab starmetal over just using some alchemic base plus iron is a lot different compared to moving north with some explosive (noting to throw bombs in the recycler) and possibly stumbling over bugged nodes… :fearful:

Also lower the durability.
Daggers -> 100-200.
Spear -> 300.
all others -> 500.
(Dont panic. The durabilitykit can still be applied to the weapons.)

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Sword of Crom.
I dont know if that thing may really be dropped by one of the bosses, but 121 damage is OP.
It may be true, that the rate is low and all that… but still… thats a tad over the top.
Who is with me?

(I suggest 90 damage which still is a crapton of damage.)


Blade of seven winds.
While 100% a(rmor)p(enetration) may seem a lot, it’s only a lot if one doesnt cuddle with the enemies.
16 damage on a legendary sword? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Starmetal or slightly below please!


Progression Feedback (Suggestion): Allow players to turn in a fragment of power to learn the exotic secret of dragon pet taming (recipe). Dragons (the small ones) would make good exotic pets for high level characters. Maybe the act of taming a dragon stunts their growth (not as deadly as the wild ones)?

Now if we could just find some dragon eggs somewhere. . . . (which might sell for a great price by themselves).

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All tested on Official test server

Dismantling Table and Elite Mobs


Carcasses provide too many resources when pressed OR these are generated to easily in the dismantling table. This can cause numerous unlimited resource generation issues. I believe this has been expressed in other threads.


Generates too much oil and ichor in my opinion. Again this problem is further increases by corpses and blood generation.

Flowers: (Multiple variants)

Giving back compost plus seeds creates an infinite loop of plant generation. It is slower, but I don’t think compost should be returned.

Potion of midnight:

This could be an issue with using flesh to get the potion from vendor and setting up a small dismantling shop near it. 5 flesh turns into 4 blood, 1 water filled flask, 3 bonemeal.

New Elite Mobs: Red Dragon (Fragment of power)

The Elite Dragon AOE’s should not be completely horizontal and should be more of a cone in shape. Standing under a platform makes this mob too easy as no damage is taken while standing directly below the mob. Otherwise this is a really fun fight.

This epic can still be exploited by the platform methodology. (Build a platform and a set of stairs and then remove them.)

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Why make healing so much more overpowered? I get it you messed up by making it 1.25x healing and not 2x and didn’t change it for 8+ months, but now is not the time to buff heals, it is the time to nerf them. I know you realize the healing mistake when you introduced golden lotus healing into the game, and then got rid of it after the player-base hated it, but then you add this which is literally the equivalent if not better than golden lotus healing WITH NO CONSEQUENCE AT ALL, at least the golden lotus made you drunk after a couple drinks; And for you to nerf the only weapon that has a chance at killing a person running away and then buff heals at the same time is a joke. I recommend you either buff other weapons so you could chase people with it(Maybe to start, make players be able to attack WHILE running and not stop and then attack)or you get rid of the spear nerf. To nerf the spear, and then keep all the other weapons the same is not a balance overhaul, its called making pvp more choppy, lengthy and overall boring. I don’t see this patch coming out for another month or so imo, it is no where near done, and not what the ever so dying player-base wants.

Animations for using bandages, drinking and eating would help a lot against healing spam, it would make fighrs more interesting as the players have to use heal wisely otherwise they’re sitting ducks. The animations dont need to be long tho, and can be used on the move but not sprinting. (weapons sheathed)


Probably a little late but…
Alpha animals. (I will just call them that way.)
They are a great idea… but…!

For someone who runs around solo, they mean ones death.
They are immune to staggering, thus only their animation may create weak spots every x seconds with the player having to dodge right after their attack. Yet again it’s eighter facetanking in heavy armor (bleh) or easy to handle weapons with good damage. Or a safe route by blocking and having someone or something else kill that thing.

For solo… quite a problem, as normal medium armor+30 vitatily, a bossy wolf will bite one twice for that player to die. Maybe three times…

So I think eighter their animations should be 20-50% slower OR they should just not be immune to stun/staggering.


Haven’t been able to test the new stuff out yet. But i agree. Maybe they need a snare type weapon. In historical times, solo hunters could snare a beast down to gain an advantage. Make 3 tiers, and durability and what it could snare tied to the Tier. It basically locks the beast in on area, with only its light attacks for x time. It is placed like traps. You set it down, and anything that sets it off is snared to that area. Make it retrievable, and mid level expensive to make. Also make it place-able on lures.

i enjoyed with high level of dificulty of npcs, bearers give too rewards i think

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Have you swung it? it takes All your stamina…ya only get one swing