The absolute dreamy patch notes

  • Three new emotes to command your follower added:
  1. Out of the way! (Your follower runs away, and no longer blocks you in narrow passages of your base where you cannot move him because other thralls are too close, or in enemy base where placements is impossible)

  2. To me! (Summons thrall to your location to prevent a bug when they refuse to teleport to you, has cooldown to prevent abuse)

  3. Attack! (Attacks the target that’s pointed by player’s crosshair)

  • New dedicated teleportation spot added for the followers - they will no longer be stuck inside obelisks or not appear at all

  • Most of the animals now can be used as mounts, some with special abilities (vomiting as a locust queen, falling with taking reduced damage as a bird)

  • Added a special ability for horses - back kick with the hooves

  • Follower levels reduced to 10, exp to get levels unchanged, perks gained on 5, 7 and 10 (because Conan is not a Pokemon or Ark game, where pvp wins the one who has best follower, and to reduce grind caused by loss of followers)

  • Followers do 50% less damage to players, because it’s a pvp game, and not who has the best oneshotting thrall with sword of Crom

  • Black ice, Serpentment, Obsidian and all other top-tier weapons and tools re-ballanced to make competition for Star Metal and Dragonbone

  • Placeable obsidian forge can be now learned in Volcano (to make Obsidian even worth gathering)

  • Gasmasks for pets can be crafted

  • Trebuche building time reduced

  • Each thrall now have unique setting - patrool distance, and it won’t ever go futher then that, to prevent luring thralls away from the base to kill them.

  • Heat\Cold generating items now have vertical limits of 2 blocks, to prevent exploit with unraidable pillar bases

  • Cup of triangular pieces no longer will nullify fall damage

  • Climbing reverted to it’s original state (without jump-jump-fall bug)

  • “Failed to place structure” bug is fixed

  • Bow’s fast shot damage reduced greatly, as well as shoot speed

  • No longer possible to hide your weapon during attack animation

  • Special bench added that can change temperature resistance type on the armor

  • The mountain above north biome is reworked to have more content (other than a few bosses and a bit of ore for all the huge territory)

  • New biome is added on the top right part of the map

  • Gliders added to the game

  • Players cannot repair or place new structures for 5 minutes since last explosive damage to the structure

  • Map device and other big structures no longer have huge invisible hitboxes above them

  • Structures can no longer be placed without having a direct vision on the placement spot

  • Button “re-create the character” moved away from “remove bracelet” and requires additional confirmation

  • Spider queen can now be raised from spiderling

  • Weapons can be used underwater, stamina drain while swimming is heavily reduced

  • Healing items (such as herbal tea) no longer stack to heal full hp in a second

  • Walls and foundations now always load before benches and crates

  • Fall damage while using mount reduced, you will no longer lose half of hp after falling from 0,5m

  • Saddles can be painted

  • Players keep their level on all official servers

  • Explosive jars can no longer be placed from the distance

  • Armpen on Yog’s axe lowered

  • Iron spaws were added to the swamp biome

  • Wildlife is less agressive, especially small animals like goats

  • Server performance is increased, mobs will no longer lag at full capacity (and will even use shields!), player limit increased to 70.

  • Server queue added, you came first - you will load first as soon as the spot will appear!

… If only it could be true.


I’m not attacking, just criticizing, maybe you want to reframe some of this:

No. Just no. It’s good like this.

I would do like old cyclist did, add grease to it for a little more heat control.

Then people is going to build and despawn bosses and miriads of complains on the forums.

I heard the dungeons are mapped there, where do you think the dungeons are at? So it’s already used, anybody placing any building block there would despawn stuff in dungeons. Try and go there in god mode.
But they might move those somewhere else, who knows.

People are going to use it to ghosts through walls during lag spikes.

What you mean? they are already super lame…I would actually like more aggressive, and that they could jump on you if you climb on to something and never deaggro.

I would like to add:

Snake pets added.

Nodes, pets, minibosses spawn in an area, instead of single spots, so if you build on top of a node, a pet or miniboss spawn it will just spawn somewhere else in that area.

Thralls equipped with water orbs can detect fire damage and trow water to the fire (better offline protection)

Gods avatars can now fight each other.

Eating and healing via wraps have it’s own animation negating fighting animations.

Wild spiders, locusts and felines in general can now climb bases.

:+1: :crossed_fingers:

Some good, some bad. The trouble is you have so many ideas there that would make mighty fine seperate threads.

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Spending a hour of life to deffend building treb?
At least give people a reason to use it, and not just bomb in.

Then people is going to build and despawn bosses and miriads of complains on the forums.

I am sure world can survive without one black yeti and two rockbosses that nobody needs anyway.

People are going to use it to ghosts through walls during lag spikes.

Easily fixable, you just make loading sentence like this: building blocks, check for any trespassers, kick them out, then benches and stuff. And it’s not like they cannot do it now on a horse or just on foot if they lag hard enough.

What you mean?

Goats and deers chase humans like they are prey or their mortal enemies. Mammoths eat grass, why they try to chase every human they see?Why? Also small predators like hyenas or wolfs should not attack humans as well without a good reason, and prey on smaller animals instead, so their behaviour could be: randomly chose either to attack or growl and attack only if player is agressive or not leaving the threat range.

Nodes, pets, minibosses spawn in an area, instead of single spots, so if you build on top of a node, a pet or miniboss spawn it will just spawn somewhere else in that area.

Eating and healing via wraps have it’s own animation negating fighting animations.

This ones i like a lot. Especially healing animations. But i would also placed building block on obelisks and brimstone lake.

There are so many ideas here. If I were to address each individually, it would make a wall of text even larger than my usual replies (and I already have a habit of making those really long). Instead, I’ll just talk about those I found interesting.

I would like this a lot. I know reaching level 20 is easier on PVP, but on PVE it’s a chore. And when you take into account negative perks, follower cap, and bugs that kill followers for no reason, that chore turns into a nightmare.

What you’re proposing isn’t, perhaps, the best solution, but it’s like applying aloe to a burn – it soothes the pain :smiley:

I’m not a PVP player, but it does seem quite reasonable. As a PVE player, I hate being a sidekick to my slaves, so I would take this even further and severely nerf follower damage while following the player.

I’m really against this. The problem with the Volcanic Forge and the Forge of Ymir is that the tools and weapons you can craft at them are not worth the hassle when compared to legendary items you can obtain elsewhere.

This is yet another example where the legendary items break the game horribly.

Imagine what it would be like if black ice and obsidian items were truly desirable – even better than legendary items. On top of that, imagine if they required special repair kits that you can only craft at those forges.

Or heck, go in the other direction: get rid of legendary weapon and armor kits, and make these two forges the only places where you can craft those kits (e.g. Ymir’s for weapons, Volcanic for armor).

In both cases, what you get are two places that stimulate more conflict, which sounds like a welcome addition to me :slight_smile:

Sounds cool, but I’m adamantly opposed to it, because I can see how creaky the tech is. I’m fairly sure this would result in even worse performance problems than mounts.

Yes, please! And while we’re at it, trim their lateral hitboxes too! I can see no gameplay reason why we’re allowed to place a map and then put pillars around it, but not the other way around. I imagine the real reason is “creaky tech” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, please!

This is another one I don’t like for balance reasons. I think there are too many resources spread over all biomes. It would be great if the biomes were a lot different from each other in terms of resources, so that we had really pressing reasons to visit each biome on a regular basis.

As it is, I only go to the Frozen North when I need to restock on star metal or black ice (which is rarely), I only go to the jungle and highlands for thralls and some pets. I’m too damn comfortable in the desert.

YES exactly for that. we already have explosive arrows, orbs and bomb.

:theworst: you must be new here (i’m kidding don’t take offence)

Well, as a vegan I’m assuming you actually are their mortal enemy :stuck_out_tongue: jokes aside, if it wasn’t a performance issue I would like hostile creature to have a sprint boost every 10/15 seconds so that players can’t escape once the aggro activate, but only for wild creatures, not tamed animals of course.

Also I forgot one more thing earlier, thrall shouldn’t do 50% less damage to players, they should actually be EXACTLY LIKE PLAYERS, no more no less. They aren’t some godly creatures, just some slaves, like the player, on this I hope we can all agree.

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Then they will need to rework all the dungeons so a single player can do them without a thrall or make settings you can toggle on each server for base damage from bosses as at the moment unless you are level 60 in best gear and over powered you can not do the War makers say alone unless you cheese it though it.

I have suggested this as well. This way you get the AI defense as is, but when it is out following it doesn’t replace you :slight_smile:

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The hour would be fine if it didn’t take very little to destroy the treb. Maybe up the health to require more than 1 or 2 bombs to destroy???
I spend 1 hour defending, treb is ready, and boom, it is gone in a second.

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For start they could be better than star metal or dragonbone, that could be farmed and crafted several times faster than obsidian or black ice.

I would get rid of legendary weapons instead. They are 90% junk like cursed swords or weapons that giving neglectable stat bonus, and 10% something very broken like that 50% armpen axe that are the only viable melee weapon in current archery meta because combined with accuracy perk it simply ignores heavy armor like there is none.

I never saw any perfromance changes from mounts. And if gliders will be one-time thing that break after they land - it will be fine.

The problem is that they are way better than treb. So why spend a hour making one if you can just use arrows and bombs? Trebs are the cool-looking and fun to interact with siege weapon, deffenders will only benefit if people will use it more often.

I get that many things are hard for Funcom, but game worked like that before. When bulding loading time were insane around a year ago, my base never loaded doors, so i could not get in - there were empty doorways, i could walk trough them, but 5 steps after i was thrown back. So game understood that i wasn’t suposed to be there despide absence of doors. Look at how i was standing in the air while my base loaded:

But, like with climbing system, it seems to be broken with future patches and now we suffer because of that.

They are more or less like players. The only problems is that they have ton of hp because they are stupid as rocks, glitch a lot, can be kited and easily killed from range, etc. So they need that hp to at least stay alive for some time. The problem is that while needing huge amount of time to kill they also oneshot with good weapons. When players do that - it’s not a problem because they can be killed fast, but in pvp fight you have no chance to kill thrall before the owner, and when there is lots of people, and each have follower… the game becomes “who will fail to avoid thrall first”. Currently Conan’s pvp is a running around simulator + trying to cripple with bows so thralls will get a chance to oneshot. It’s stupid and boring. If i wanted to fight like that, i would play Ark instead.

Oh, definitely. It’s all about cost and benefit, and right now there’s no compelling benefit to balance out the cost.

I’d love that, but I doubt the dev team shares our vision :smiley:

From the rest of your replies, it looks like you play PVP. Do you also play PVE? Because my current theory is that the performance drops and spikes I’ve seen are because of the massive builds that get loaded and unloaded quickly due to the mounts’ speed. And the spikes are notable.

Of course, they could make gliders really slow and solve that problem that way.


  • stacking poison on top of poisoned weapon is no longer possible, improved dagger animation to reduce no hit poisoning

  • hitting horse in the “knee” will result in player to dismount

  • increasing stamina gain of points spend in grid and t3 prek removed and t4 and 5 perk droped down one tier new lvl 5 perk added “marathon” sprinting will no longer reduce stamina to 0 (but to 5%)

  • Agility points no longer grands armor but a chance of 50% flat damage reduction evade (t1 5% chance t2 10% t3 15% t4 20% t5 25% and perks improved t2 and t3 perk combined , t4 perk moved to t3 and t5 to t4 new t5 perk added “heeav grip” you no longr slide down while climbing

  • adding hypor armor to Javilin attacks

The t5 double jump perk in agility cannot be removed, because of steam achievements. I think.

The bomb has a 10C cooldown

my suggstion was to move it down to t4, thanks for reading

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Would be nice, but they still can go trough walls, so even without duping cheaters will be a serious problem.

cutting thralls leveling to 10 and making them basically useless seems… you know… useless, “this is a pvp game” I’ve never played pvp, I play pve and frankly I like my thralls beefy because they don’t do things that players do… like dodge attacks or try to actually survive things… it would be cool if they did.

I don’t mind balancing them better, yay balance, but honestly it would suck if they were made weaker than say—strong in game human enemies that already exist-- because then they wouldn’t be very useful as far as defending your base from jerks raiding you while you’re offline or during especially hard purges or for pve players for use as companions

Conan in the movie was a wheel of pain slave… and he was absurdly stronger than his slavers… so honestly the “slaves shouldn’t be stronger than me” argument falls apart against lore… the gym of pain gives pretty godly gains, maybe we should be able to use it to beef up ourselves

There is also no need for a patch regarding these things as it’s controllable in server settings. Probably what they could do is buff/debuff players/thralls across several official servers and let people choose where they want to play. No need to make everyone live by the same rules when the server settings already allow these choices. As a server renter I’m often astounded at how many changes are demanded in the base game which can simply be changed in the server. Lobby for change where it matters; at the server.

Level 10 berserker has 7k hp and able to deal with any world boss alone without your help. So you can just afk while your thrall does the work. That is not enough for you? Smallers things like purges will be a complete joke for this single berserker. And you can have 50 of them around. There is zero need for him to have 10 more levels, except to be really op in pvp encounters.