Testlive Feedback - Nice

Well, so far I think it’s pretty neat.

Building system seems reasonable. Like mentioned, it’s pretty straight forward, and dare I say faster. Took me about 3 seconds to figure out basics. Just gonna be a change to muscle memory.

I am super excited about the building stability upgrade. I used to be able to span 8 ceiling tiles. Now it is possible to span a total of 12 ceiling tiles. (Yes, 12). That is amazing and will lead to some great structural creativity, especially with rounded towers via triangle pieces.

Also, if you build something with the stability perk activated, and then later switch to a different ability perk… your building does NOT come crashing down. Which is excellent for many reasons obviously. Please keep it that way.

I am slightly saddened that a player can’t have encumbrance free movement perk AND the building stability perk at the same time… but I am totally fine with it as is. I would gladly trade my ability to mass farm huge amounts of resources, for the ability to build a better structure.

It might slow me down a little, but overall I can accomplish plenty at a reasonable pace. With the additional two followers, a couple of bearer thralls could make up some of the difference there.

I see a few additions I like as well. Food placeables appear to be a thing. Not JUST a table with food on it. That’s nice.

The Kindling fire is a nice touch.

I also like the ability to max out 3 lines of attribute.

I look forward to equipping gear based on their unique characteristics, rather than for + stats.

Last, but not least. There looks to be a potion for re-rolling your thralls perks. Hope it makes it to live version. Would be great to save a lvl 20 thrall from a horrible lvl 20 perk roll.


The only downside is that when you reroll, you reroll all perks but eventually with enough tries you will get a pretty decent combo. The potions are not expensive to craft either.


So this was one of the first things I wanted to test out tonight. I had some concerns people would inadvertently ruin their bases when they respec.

Should be a simple fix with respecing though, no?

So do you mean if someone has say a turkey in their inventory they can place it like a construction piece and people can click on it for resources(aka turkey legs) and once it expires or the quantity runs out it just dissappears?

Yeah this is a huge time saver and Qol addition.


That’s good. I am assuming you place them on your thrall, and then have the thrall ./use the potion? Once it is level 10+?

No. I mean, there appears to be a placeable loaf of bread that might be a part of the Battle Pass. A few other placeable food items as well. Doubt you can interact with them beyond a simple decoration.

On testlive I am unable to spawn in any items that are part of the Battle Pass, but I can see them in the admin panel.

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Seems we can max out an attribute line at a much earlier level as well. At level 60 we are able to max out three lines. Those last perks will make your character feel much stronger earlier on.

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Indeed, you place it in their inventory and feed it to them by pressing the use button as you would do with the regular potions/food but it will reroll all perks that were acquired so if you do that on lvl 20, it will reroll all.


We only need one artisan bench now. Not 10. Any of them seem to give access to all the artisan bench placeables.

Grass vanishes when you place a foundation on top of it. No more brush sticking through the floor. Same goes for plant fiber/brush. Trees and Rocks stay put, you have to get rid of them manually.


small, but needed changes. great to hear.

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Yep. Almost like specifically was targetted for an extra nerf

Hard disagree. Try running a pure str/vit/grit build solo

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Anyone worried about player strength vs their nerfed thralls, don’t be.

At level 5 you can get passive regeneration via the vitality line.

At level 20 you will be able to cap out one of your attribute lines. That means maxed out strength or encumbrance, or agility.

That means two thralls at lvl 20, or the ability to carry literally 100,000+ stone, or you can hit like a truck, or you can not care with a whole bunch of hp.

At level 37 I have 670 HP while naked. Once I finish topping out Vitality I will be closer to 700 or 800. Nekid.

All playstyles feel better. Players will get more out of the game like this.


We can reroll perks now though. So, a bad thrall does not have to stay that way. Considering some perks give +15 vitality.

Yeah, when they said that I was like mmm are you sure? :smiley: You can still get quite a bit of HP at lvl 20 and good perks + authority. But the nerf there is intentional as it was “bugged”.

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My best so far:

Yes, they can.


To me, he’s always been. He was never intended to be that strong, he was always supposed to be a mid-tier thrall. If you want strong, there’s berserkers or the far superior strat of having an army of zombies

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You really need authority though otherwise they hit like wet noddle.


Just finished my first 2 sessions in Age of Sorcery. SP, Barbaric with no mods.

The climbing ability of my character seems vastly improved. Even though the character has gravity defying directional abilities I like this change.

Graphic glitch areas in Sepermeru are still there. As well as terrain issues in other parts of the map.

Finding at least one sorcerer spawn in Sep City wasn’t hard at all. It also answered the question whether there would be sorcerer thralls that the player could thrall.

The construction hammer adds to a little pet peeve of mine. I cannot tell what materials I need to gather unless I have the hammer equipped and access the “F” radial menu. This ties in with my pet peeve about the Pride of the Aesir armor set in that we don’t know what materials to take to the Frost Forge. So it often results in a wasted trip or two. I do not know if the Pride of the Aesir resource requirement has been addressed as I started a new game. If it has, please disregard my pet peeve for it.

The 2 skeleton royal guard that were spawning outside of King’s Niche on the hill by the passageway to the Crown Grove area are still spawning/glitching there.

The alchemist exploit in Sepermeru is still there. I don’t think I could have knocked out Iblis with the 2 base truncheons I had. So I instead opted for a Worshipper of Mitra as my 1st thrall.

Daggers hit box seems to have been tweaked. No longer does the 2nd attack in a singular attack miss so often. I could not figure out how to do the somersault backwards with the daggers. Maybe I just didn’t see it in the keybindings.

I like that our character can now jog while holding a tool or weapon.

Human enemies seem to be quicker on the attack. I took a lot more damage trying to knock out any NPC’s than I used to with a truncheon.

I had also been getting a double spawn on the last testlive version. It occurred with Age of Sorcery testlive too.

That’s all I can remember. I will add more to the thread as I come across things.

Great work Funcom play testers! Keep up the great work!

EDIT: re: the sorcerer NPC. I didn’t actually try to knock him out. Thus I never tried to put him into a wheel of pain. So maybe the sorcerer is thrallable and maybe not. I don’t know. Sorry.


RHTS melee damage multiplier is now about 1.2

Then let me introduce you to the glory of zombies

All the HP of a living RHTS, and none of the big titty

And you can have 3-4 of them. Horny be damned, strength in numbers